#Project30Days is an ongoing project that began in March 2013 as a way to motivate myself and others to do something we always wanted to do. Here is the original post.

Thank you for joining me with your own #project30days. Please post a comment here with what your project will be and a twitter and/or blog link, so we can encourage each other. If you post on twitter about your project please be sure to use the #project30days hashtag!!

Also, feel free to use the beautiful button my sister created for me! Let's start sharing!! If you would like to pin it to your blog simply cut and paste this code:

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My #project30days:

April 2013

  • Get up early every day.
  • Spend time in quiet reflection every day.
  • Blog every day.


  1. I'm in! I am going to use your challenge to do something new to reinforce NEW HABITS. I've chosen two which seem deceptively simple...

    1. To do my PT daily
    2. To leave my phone behind when it's dinner time

    I will tweet my progress, am starting on 2 April!


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