Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rev3Tri Cedar Point HalfRev Race Report

or what I like to call, "What you get out of a six-week taper." (Hint - NOT a PR!)

My training going into this race was not what I would call stellar. With the boys home for summer I just didn't have the motivation or desire to stress myself out with trying to figure out how to get my training in during the week and keep them happy. I also had zero desire to hop on the trainer when it was beautiful outside, so my training for the 6 weeks leading up to this race was pretty much 1 long ride, 1 long run and maybe a swim.

Yep...that's it.

I actually considered dropping down to the aquabike, but then I felt like I would always wonder what would happen, and I do have to admit I was curious to know what racing on this small amount of training would feel like. (How sick is that?)

I headed out to Ohio on Friday with a car full of bikes, gear and triathletes. I left my men at home and picked up one of my athletes and a friend of his on the way. It was a fun drive out. We arrived at the Team Rev3 Tiki House (the best accommodations in Cedar Point if you ask me) and I headed down to the expo. I was so excited to finally get to meet some of my long-distance team mates in real life!! Lots of hugs and smiles for sure!!

Last minute I decided to run the 5k Glow Run since I found a couple of takers on the "let's just go slow and have fun" idea. It was great...even the 2 miles we had to run on the sand!! The sunset was perfection!

There might have been stopping for picture taking...
Saturday was an early morning as I reported to the expo at 6 to help with the kids tri race, which was a ton of fun. I know I've said it before, but Rev3 just does such a good job in creating a race experience for the entire family, and it is something I am very proud to be a part of!

The rest of the day was spent eating, hanging out with friends, doing a bit of expo work, checking my stuff in and checking in with my two athletes who were racing on Sunday as well. One of them was doing the Full and the other decided to do the full at the last minute (I KNOW!!). This did add a little bit of stress onto me as a coach, but ultimately athletes have to make decisions for themselves. This was this particular athlete's 3rd full of the year, so I wasn't too worried. He ended up doing pretty well...5th overall ain't bad for an unplanned full! My other athlete also raced really well (congrats, Tom!!) resulting in a PR for the full distance and 3rd in his Age Group!!

It felt a little weird to not be racing the full, and with my, ahem, lack of training it almost seemed like it was just a half. (Note to self...there is no such thing as just a half.)

Race day dawned early and windy. The swim was changed to an alternate site since Lake Erie looked like the Pacific Ocean with huge waves! This made the run to transition a little over half a mile, which turned my T1 time from it's usual just under 2 min to almost 9 minutes!

It was a good call though, and when I saw the waves over where we would have been swimming I was very thankful we got to swim at all! My swim time was slower than usual at just over 39 minutes. I tried to blame it on a long course, but I'm pretty sure that swimming 2 times in six weeks was the culprit!

Onto the bike which I was excited about. The wind certainly was a factor and I would love to see what I could do on this course without it, but I was still able to pull off a bike PR for this distance at 3:02:22. I have to admit I think the wind added an element of daring and excitement that made the time just fly. I also had decided to race without my HR monitor, so I was flying on feel alone which ultimately was a very good call for me. I tend to overthink and over analyze on race day, so it felt really good to just go and trust my experience to get me through.

I knew the run was probably not going to feel great, but I really decided to just leave it all out there. I was really hoping to finally go under 6 hours, but knew that a six week taper was probably not the best plan to be successful in that! Having said that though, I pushed pretty darn hard on that run and laid down my fastest run split of the season for a half at 2:11. Not blazing I know, but I'm pretty sure the flat course played a huge role in that. Still, I ran the whole way and was really pleased with my effort. One of my goals during any race is to have fun and encourage those around me, and I nailed it! I love this picture above because it shows exactly how I feel about racing. It just makes me happy.

My final time ended up being 6:03:05. Minus the super long transition run it totally would have been under 6, but I have to take full responsibility for not hitting that because of my lack of training. Here's a picture of me realizing that, yet again, I am just a few minutes to slow.

At least I can smile about it.
The rest of the day and into the night, I cheered my athletes and my team mates and every one else on. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I got some of the best sweaty hugs ever. I high-fived and danced and laughed and just let loose. 

The Rev3 Age Group Team at the finish line. So proud to be a part of this family.
Best race ever.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Walking the Walk

So every now and then (sometimes more than that) I do this thing where I eat in the car, usually something bad for me, and then I pretend that since no one saw me do it it didn't really happen.

Real life, people. Maybe you don't do secret eating but I'm guessing there is something that you could equate to this, right?

This sort of "secret" eating has always bothered me. It's not like I am going on a crazy binge or anything, but just the fact that in my head it "doesn't count" makes me feel incredibly guilty. And I don't know about you, but I HATE feeling guilty.

The other day I read a wonderful little article on integrity. You can find it here. It is about aligning your integrity with your core values. Are you doing daily what you believe in? Do your outward actions match your inner convictions? Some people call this "walking the walk."

In general I think most of us believe we live a life of integrity. I know I do, but when I really started digging into this idea that sometimes little bits of our lives can fall "out" of integrity, I realized that there are certain things that I do that don't always jive with what I want to do. I've fallen out of integrity in those areas. The thing with being out of integrity is that it can cause a lot of unwanted emotions and feelings and can even cause stress and anxiety. I definitely do not need more of that.

Why do I feel so guilty when I secretly eat chips in my car? Is it because the food is bad for me? Maybe, but really I think it is more about the fact that by doing it in secret I am not owning my behavior and so am not living in my full integrity of someone that wants to be healthy and honest and open. I rarely feel guilty for having treats when I am with my kids or out to dinner.

So this is me telling you that I'm making some changes. I'm pulling myself into my integrity. If I choose to eat something in the car, I'll let someone know. It will be a public treat for all to see. Not because you need to know what I'm eating, but because I need to know I am being true to myself.

Do you have any small part of your life that needs to be pulled into integrity? What is one small way you can start to do that today?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lessons Learned

I remember the days when my boys were babies and sometimes the only way I could get them to settle down was to go for a car ride. It seemed to work every single time, except for those 3 months when Noah absolutely hated being in the car...oh, wait, he still hates being in the car.

Anywho, sometimes you just have to have a little change of scenery.

Tonight, the boys were all wound up after dinner and Kel was at a business dinner, so it was all me. After trying to get them to settle down, I just said, "Okay, everyone in the car."

"Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise."

I was pretty sure this car ride was going to end up at one of the many ice cream shops near our house, but in a moment of inspiration I just started driving and pointing out all the beautiful things I was seeing.

The way the setting sun made the fields look like gold.

The wispy white clouds in the bright blue sky.

The calm water of the river beyond the houses.

The trees heavy with apples at the apple farm.

It took a while, but with a little bit of coaxing they stopped asking me where we were going and just started enjoying where we were.

And in doing so, taught me a lesson that I needed to learn tonight too.

P.S. The ice cream was perfect.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Raffle Time! Win a Personal Chef for a Day!

It's the last day of summer break.

>Insert happy dance here<

I love back to school time for so many reasons. Summer is just long enough and I love the relaxed pace of it, but I totally crave the routine of the school year. Somehow it is just soothing to me. Not to mention I get to hang up my referee shirt for a few more hours of the day. tired of my kids fighting all the time!!

One of the things I love about getting back to the routine is regular dinner. This is something that we try to have as much as possible in our house. During the summer dinner is later and we are usually all eating something different, but during the school year I meal plan and shop for the week, and it just seems to work better. What I wouldn't give, however, to have someone do that for me every now and then.

Well, my friend, Chef Barbara, of Simply Delectable, a personal chef service, has generously donated a full 20-entree meal replacement to raffle off for Strong Body Whole Heart!! This is a $400 value and here is what it includes:

Meal Replacement Service    I will customize a menu for you based on an in-depth  food consultation.  On your cook day I will do all of the grocery shopping and come to your home and prepare 20, 30 or 40 dishes and package, label and freeze them for you to heat up on those busy days when you don't have time to cook yourself.
    I can work with your nutritionist, dietitian or trainer to help with any special requirements such as: 
    Low fat/Low sodium
    Project 42 Fitness Program Meals
Lower Carb options

For each $10 donation from now through Thursday at 8 a.m., you will receive one entry to win this awesome prize!! Multiple donations are accepted and ENCOURAGED!! For obvious reasons, this raffle is limited to folks in the Syracuse/CNY area only. If you donate above $10 you will also receive all current incentives as well! WIN-WIN!!

Here is the link to donate:

We will be announcing the winner of the raffle on our Facebook page on Thursday, so please like us here to find out if you won!! 

One more time, here is the link to get entries to the raffle: