Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Raffle Time! Win a Personal Chef for a Day!

It's the last day of summer break.

>Insert happy dance here<

I love back to school time for so many reasons. Summer is just long enough and I love the relaxed pace of it, but I totally crave the routine of the school year. Somehow it is just soothing to me. Not to mention I get to hang up my referee shirt for a few more hours of the day. Ugh...so tired of my kids fighting all the time!!

One of the things I love about getting back to the routine is regular dinner. This is something that we try to have as much as possible in our house. During the summer dinner is later and we are usually all eating something different, but during the school year I meal plan and shop for the week, and it just seems to work better. What I wouldn't give, however, to have someone do that for me every now and then.

Well, my friend, Chef Barbara, of Simply Delectable, a personal chef service, has generously donated a full 20-entree meal replacement to raffle off for Strong Body Whole Heart!! This is a $400 value and here is what it includes:

Meal Replacement Service    I will customize a menu for you based on an in-depth  food consultation.  On your cook day I will do all of the grocery shopping and come to your home and prepare 20, 30 or 40 dishes and package, label and freeze them for you to heat up on those busy days when you don't have time to cook yourself.
    I can work with your nutritionist, dietitian or trainer to help with any special requirements such as: 
    Low fat/Low sodium
    Project 42 Fitness Program Meals
Lower Carb options

For each $10 donation from now through Thursday at 8 a.m., you will receive one entry to win this awesome prize!! Multiple donations are accepted and ENCOURAGED!! For obvious reasons, this raffle is limited to folks in the Syracuse/CNY area only. If you donate above $10 you will also receive all current incentives as well! WIN-WIN!!

Here is the link to donate:

We will be announcing the winner of the raffle on our Facebook page on Thursday, so please like us here to find out if you won!! 

One more time, here is the link to get entries to the raffle:


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