Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Easy Hard Decision

I briefly mentioned my easy hard decision of dropping down to the HalfRev at Rev3 Cedar Point in my last post. I thought it would be worthwhile to write a little bit more about that here, as I know many of us deal with these kind of decisions when it comes to choosing races, distances and training.

I have written before about how to know if you are ready for your first 140.6 here. What I have come to realize is a lot of those questions should be answered before deciding on any 140.6, whether it is your first or your 15th!

After Rev3 Cedar Point last year, I immediately decided I was going to do another full this year. I had so much fun, loved the training, and really wanted to give it another go. After I signed up, though, I realized I wasn't feeling the same zest about it that I had felt last year. I thought it was just because it wasn't going to be my first and I just left it at that. Then a few things sort of popped up that made me realize maybe there was a little more to my feeling less than excited than I gave them credit for.

I was feeling very stressed out about how I was going to fit in training for a full with the boys being out of school for the summer. Last year it didn't seem to be quite as big of a deal. Maybe it's because they are older and less inclined to go to the childcare at the gym everyday. Maybe it's because I feel I really need to focus on some issues I am currently going through with Ryan. Whatever it is, it was stressing me out to think about how I was going to juggle everything.

I am also working hard on some new ideas. I feel like I am in a creative stream right now, and I realized a few weeks ago that I would much rather spend time working on these ideas than ride my bike for six hours.
When I first realized this I almost felt guilty. I felt like I had to do another full, and I wasn't even sure why. Maybe people were expecting me to. Maybe I felt like because I had so much fun last year it should be a no-brainer. Maybe I'm just crazy...well, I'm definitely crazy, but that's another post completely!

I sort of kept pushing off my decision, knowing it would be easy to drop down to the half even last minute. Finally, with a friendly push from some good friends and coaches, I realized that for a variety of reasons I just didn't want to do a full this year and THAT IS OKAY. There is nobody I am going to disappoint by not doing another one. I'm not letting anyone down. And most importantly, I am being true to myself and what I am feeling.

So, now I am just racing three HalfRevs. (BTW, I think it is hysterical that I use the word just in this sentence. See...I really am crazy!) The minute I made the decision, I realized it was actually an easy one all along. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut!


  1. I had to make the same decision. And as soon as I did it felt right. Kudos to you!

  2. I get that. I"m training for my second ironman right now and there's a methodical confidence that I just didn't have last time. It's not my first, so I'm supposed to know what to expect now. It's strange, and different.

  3. You made the right choice Kelly. Hell, I applaud you for completing your first full last year! I know for me personally, I've made the decision that I just don't have time to do a full until later in life when the kids are away in college or something, just don't want to add the extra stress of a full to myself or my family at this point. Kudos to you for making the right choice!


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