Friday, June 21, 2013


Today is the first day of summer, and today I am grateful for the sunshine, my kids' laughter, the blue sky, my bike trainer, the green grass of our backyard, riding in the car with my windows down and the pink wispy cotton candy clouds of the summer sunset.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to be grateful for the small simple things in our lives, and that is what #SummerGratitude is all about. My good friend, Donna, my soul sister, my sister from another mother, my long-distance digital friend who one day I'll get to hug in real life, and I decided a few months ago that we wanted to do a project together. Last year I started tweeting little things I was grateful for with the hashtag #summergratitude (actually, I can't remember if I started in the summer or the winter...), and Donna joined in with me. It was wonderful to see the little things that mean so much if we actually acknowledge them and pay attention. So when we started talking about a joint project this year, we landed upon #summergratitude again, but this time we want you to get involved too!

Each week we will be collecting pictures, tweets and facebook messages with the #summergratitude hashtag and posting our favorites on our blogs. We have created a facebook group that you can join here. This is not about competition - it is about inspiration! It is about collective gratitude. It is about finding joy in other's joy. It is about the little things, beauty great and small - freckles on a nose, a blade of grass, a muddy child with a bright smile or a beautiful sunset. It is about cultivating a spirit of thankfulness for each and every moment, no matter what.

Be thankful and share with us! Join our community of gratitude this summer. You can follow us at all of these places:

Facebook: #SummerGratitude
Twitter: @TrimommyKelly and @Donna_De
Instagram: TrimommyKelly and Donna_De

My goal is to post at least once a day!! Please join us!! I can't wait to be inspired by your moments of #summergratitude!!

Cotton Candy Clouds


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