Friday, June 14, 2013

Missing something in your life? Cultivate it!

My house is crazy. It seems there is always something going on, being yelled, being thrown (hopefully not at someone), or being played (hopefully not me!). I'm sure any parent of boys can totally relate. I'm sure girls are noisy in their own right, but my guess is that it is a different kind of noise.

Everywhere I look there are dirty socks laying around. (Seriously, what is it with the socks? Even my husband is guilty of this one.) Or legos. Or stuffed animals. Or light sabers. Or nerf guns.

A sock at the boys' never know when you might need one!

I swear these pictures were not staged.
One of the things I seek in my life is peace. It's easy to see why I desire that so badly when you step into our house for a few minutes.  For a long time, I would just wish and hope that I would find a pocket of peace here and there, but it just never seemed to happen. Then I started to have a realization.

If I want something in my life, it is up to me to cultivate it.

Just like a farmer tills the land, plants the seeds and waters them, then keeps a watchful eye on his crops while the sun shines down on them, so do I need to do the same thing to the crops I want to grow within myself - my own desires and feelings.

"Happiness cannot be found - it must be created anew every day."
~Jose Raul Bernardo

Some of the things I have realized I have to cultivate in my own life are peace, contentment, ideas, creativity, and gratitude. These things don't come to life by accident! It is easy to just sit back and hope and wish, but it is not until I start to take action that my crops begin to grow. A farmer can sit around all day and think about how much he would like some tomatoes, but until he takes the time to cultivate them, he will only be dreaming instead of tasting.

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan."
~Eleanor Roosevelt

So I have started to cultivate the things, the desires, the dreams I have in my own life.

I get up early in the morning to start the day with a quiet cup of coffee and my journal and my thoughts. That brings me great peace.

I make my bed and every time I pass my room I see it tidy and neat and that brings me great contentment.

I make a weekly to-do list that I call my "sunshine list" of things I can do to bring my ideas to life. These actions help to grow my ideas so they begin to bear fruit.

I keep a little notebook with me to write down ideas for blog posts that come to me on the fly that I know from experience I will forget if I don't put them to paper right away. This cultivates my creativity. The more I write and think and share, the more I have to write and think and share.

I find small things in the day to be grateful down and I write them down each night. This takes just a few minutes of my time, but reminds me how much I have to be thankful for in my life.

All of these actions are things I do for myself. If I depend on someone else for these things (with the exception of God - who can do all things) I do not have full control of my own emotions and desires. It is not my child's responsibility to bring me peace. (Even just writing that makes it seem ridiculous, although that is kind of what I was doing!) It is not my husband's job to bring my ideas to fruition. It is not anyone else's duty to see that I am content. Once I take responsibility for how I want to feel, then all of a sudden I can find ways to help myself feel that way.

What feelings and desires do you long for in your daily life? How are you going to cultivate those feelings and desires?

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  1. I have a boy who is 7 1/2 and a girl who is 5. My house is VERY loud so it isn't just two boy houses that are loud. My daughter is right in the fray with the jumping, running, and wrestling. We wind up with more almost emergencies from her than with him. However, girl playdates are wonderful! Boy playdates have been put on hold for a bit.

    There is not enough peace in the world for me right now and I get up at 4:15 am!!

    I need to get better with journaling. sometimes I think I am afraid to 'hear' what is going on in my head so I rather stay 'too busy'. I love how you have continued with the bed making. It totally has an impact on mood.


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