Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's for...dessert?: Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bon-Bons

The other day I saw a coupon for Dole Banana Dippers and thought they looked yummy. I cut the coupon and for like the next three weeks they were completely sold out at my grocery store. Every time I went in I would check and I even went so far as to ask the freezer guy who was working one day, and he said they couldn't keep them on the shelves they were going to fast.

Then I started to think about it. One of the things I really miss about eating in a more primal way is baking. I love making cookies and breads. It makes me feel like such a good mom to spend time making a treat for my kids. So why can't I make them a healthy treat?

Here you go: Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bon-Bons. I'm calling them bon-bons because it's fun to say and also they are frozen so it's like a little ice cream treat. Also, it's just so fun to say. Did I say that already? These were super easy to make and definitely something the kids could help with (although if you let that happen be prepared for a bit of a mess.)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bon-Bons


2 bananas (or however much you want)
peanut butter
chocolate chips
small spoonful of coconut oil (optional)

Directions (with pictures!!):

1. Cut bananas in slices and lay them on a piece of wax paper on top of a cookie sheet.

2. Smear a bit of peanut butter (or any kind of nut butter...ooh almond would be good!) on top of each slice.

3. Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave in a glass bowl. If you are like me and nuke them for too long, throw a spoonful of coconut oil in to make it the right consistency. Bonus...the coconut adds a nice flavor.

4. Once the chocolate is melted, using a fork dip the slices into the chocolate and lay on the wax paper.

4. Put entire cookie sheet in freezer for, oh maybe about an hour would do. I actually left mine in overnight because I forgot to take them out.

These are best eaten if you let them thaw out for a few minutes, but are pretty messy. I guess you'll just have to stick a whole one in your mouth! Once they are frozen you can put them all in a ziploc bag and keep them in the freezer.


  1. YUM!! i did the same thing with the coupon and waited for the them to come into stock. Joey's first comment was, "I made those!" Which he did a while back!!

  2. excellent!! we make "banana sushi" at home, similar but banana slices, pb or almond butter and a couple raisin toppers. SO fun and Lola like to make them.

    Im trying these for sure! :) Might even add a little shredded coconut since I love it so much.


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