Tuesday, April 9, 2013

thoughts and questions

  • How does putting one foot out of the covers cool down your whole body?
  • What are the secrets of being without stress? Are there parents who are never stressed out?
  • Isn't it just amazing how good coffee tastes first thing in the morning?
  • Will I ever get tired of watching my children sleep?
  • I finally heard the birds singing this morning and wondered why I never miss them in the winter until I hear them singing in the spring.
  • Yesterday something that I was expecting to be difficult turned out to be a very easy and pleasant experience. Do I just feel like everything is going to be hard, or are most things in life actually hard?
  • Making playlists overwhelm me. Is there an easy way to do that? Please, tell me if there is...or you can just send me your awesome workout playlists. I will say thank you.
  • One unexpected perk of getting up early has been getting to talk with my husband before he goes to work.
  • Why does it surprise me that when I really work at something, I get better at it?


  1. That was like being inside my own head! When I hear a cool tune, I Shazzam it. At the end of the week I go through all my Shazzam tags, download and create playlists. My playlists aren't carefully crafted...just songs that I like or motivate me. Then I have a special playlist of songs that I know rev me up in case I need extra motivation.

    I think there is a pressure point on your ankle, like your wrists. Whenever I need to cool down my body, I always expose my wrists and ankles.

    I go to sleep because I can't wait to wake up and have a cup of coffee.

    And the only thing that gets me up at 4:30 am is knowing I get a half hour with my husband before we both start our workouts.

    Don't have an answer for the stressed out issue. Everytime I think I have resolved it, something else happens to knock me out. I try to remember my mother's annoying cliches like 'this too shall pass and what will it all matter in 100 years". Because they are both so true.

    1. Gotta check out that Shazzam. And this made me laugh: "I go to sleep because I can't wait to wake up and have a cup of coffee."

  2. These are great! I esp like #1. I actually can rarely sleep with my feet under the covers at all because it makes me too hot.

  3. It sounds like somebody needs to read a book on Zen. Stress can be overcome by acceptance. Also if you can find the source of what is stressing you out, it will always come back to a fear. I'm afraid I won't make this deadline, or my kid won't pass the second grade. Fears were made to be conquered, so find the fear and you'll see a way out of the stress.

    the birds? You don't know what you've got until it's gone. and then, apparently, when it comes back again. There's an old saying in real estate that people buy what they see, so if a house doesn't have something people will still buy it if it looks good.

    Get some zen!

    1. Great advice, but certainly easier said than done! Definitely one to work on for me!


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