Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just Like Riding a Bike

Today I was supposed to ride and swim. I got my ride done indoors while Kel was riding outside. I chose inside because it was a hard interval ride and they are sometimes just easier to do on the trainer (no lights, cars, etc.). As of this morning I had still not ridden my bike outside this year! THIS YEAR!! It's been very cold and snowy, but the truth of it is that I am always just a little bit nervous about riding outside for the first time each year. The past couple of years I blamed this on my bike accident, but while that certainly has something to do with it, I think I am always just a little bit nervous because it's been so darn long since the last time I rode it outside.

What if I have forgotten how to ride my bike?

What if I get out there and everything feels shaky and weird?

What if I get a flat tire?

What if I get lost?

What if something happens and I am not home in time to get the kids off the bus and nobody knows where I am?

Obviously, all of these questions have totally logical and simple answers, but there is no denying I might have put this ride off a little bit later than I had to. I like for Kel to be home while I am out on that first ride "just in case." I don't want it to be a super long ride "just in case." I don't want to have to ride hard "just in case." Just in case of what I have no idea, but my illogical fears seem to betray my desires in this case every single year.

So, I rode inside this morning. Then I went outside at 4:30 and thought to myself that it would be a sin, a SIN, I tell you, if I did not ride my bike outside today. The Lord would look down upon me in sorrow and disappointment if I did not get my bike on the road. So I marched in the house, declared to Kel that this would be the day for the first ride of the year, bagged the swim, switched out the trainer wheel and off I went.

It was one hour and six minutes of pure joy. At one point I was so happy I literally screamed with joy (I admit, I did wait until there were no houses around before I did that, and even then still felt a tiny bit embarrassed). The roads came back to me like old friends, constant and unchanging, picking up things right where we left off last fall. The sun shined down on me and the wind blew against my face. My pedals were smooth and sure, and after months of going nowhere I felt like I could ride forever. Even the bugs smacking into my face and my constantly runny nose were a welcome reminder of what I had missed all winter long (and we have had a winter that has lasted practically a year. Seriously. A school year, anyways.)

It was...just like riding a bike.

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  1. Moms are all alike. My 15 year old daughter broke her leg and I won't leave her home alone to do anything "just in case" she needs me. I am counting the days til she gets her cast off.

    I can also relate to bike fears. I am kinda nervous til I just get out there and do it.


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