Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is it Triathlon Season Yet?

It is April 14. Last year by this time I had ridden hundreds of miles outside already. This year I have ridden exactly 0 miles outside so far.

The weather here has been absolutely dismal. Rainy, snowy, cold and gray. I'm not usually one to complain about the weather because complaining generally doesn't help the bad weather go away, but I am so ready to ride outside!!

Despite the fact that the Syracuse weather is NOT cooperating, triathlon season is here! I have been building up my base over the winter and working hard to shed the winter layer! I'm down to a bit below my pre-Cedar Point weight from last year, which makes me very happy. I still have a bit to go, but the progress is nice.

I have been spending a ton of time on the trainer and am just itching to get outside. Some people in these parts have already done it, but I really don't like to ride when it is below 50 and windy, so I haven't made it out yet. Hopefully this week. If anything, all this trainer time is making me mentally tough. Fingers crossed that the results will shine through on the road.

If you've taken a look at my race schedule, you know that I have Rev3Quassy HalfRev coming up in about 6 weeks. I have started to think about all those hills, and yesterday ran the training run for the Mountain Goat Run, which is a local hilly 10 miler. I felt great, although was slow, but I felt great!! I have done the HalfRev at Quassy twice, the first time as a relay where I swam and ran, and the second time all on my own. It is by far the hardest half I have ever done, and I really want to PR this race this year! That is a tall order, but I say go big or go home.

I have been swimming strong. My new mantra while I swim hard is "Relaxed and strong." I find when I try to swim fast, I actually don't go that much faster, but when I swim strong I go faster with less effort! Wow, the things we find out about ourselves when we actually think about what we are doing!! I am doing a lot of hard intervals trying to get my top end speed up a little.  This is the kind of stuff where every second I eke out is a victory. Hard? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

In July, I'll be headed to Musselman again, which is a great local half. Kel is racing too, which is always fun for both of us! Will this be the year I finally go under six hours? I have been chipping away at my PR every year, and last year I ran 6:01 with a fantastic thunderstorm for about 45 minutes of the bike.

And in September I'm headed back to Rev3 Cedar Point for another FullRev. Yep, I'm doing 140.6 miles again. It was just so fun last year I have to!!

Will I be seeing any of you at Rev3 events this year?


  1. Perfect post today! I also am ready for this weather to change, 35miles on the trainer yesterday was not fun!! I will be doing Musselman as my first 70.3- hoping for no thunderstorms :)

  2. I haven't ridden outside yet either! I'm not too worried, I've changed my schedule so I don't have a race until mid-June. Although, I'm always worried I don't have my trainer tension set properly and that all of these hours are for nothing. Some 'real' riding would be a big confidence booster.

  3. Riding outside has been tough the last 5 months. However it is supposed to be in the mid-60's this week, with a few days in the 70's! Keep up the fantastic training, positive attitude, and get out there and crush your 2013 race season!

  4. I know, I haven't ridden outside yet either this year, and my first triathlon of the year is this saturday! crazy.


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