Thursday, March 28, 2013


First of all, thanks for all the great comments you guys have been leaving on my posts lately. It seems I'm not the only one who feels like they are coming out of hibernation this spring! I never know if I should comment back in the comments or if I should email back or if I should acknowledge comments here - your opionions on this are much appreciated!

Anyway, I was on twitter the other day and a tweet with a link to a TED talk caught my eye. Now first of all, if you have never watched a TED talk you are missing out! Basically it is a video of one person giving a dynamic talk about something. There are lots of different topics and now they have cool playlists so you can find talks about things you are interested in. I usually lean into topics that have to do with creating change in your life somehow. So anyway, back to the TED talk I watched. It was Matt Cutts, a Google engineer, talking about trying something new for 30 days. It's only 6 minutes, so if you want to watch here it is:

I have always loved the idea of a project or a challenge. I'm not sure what it is about them that pulls me in. Maybe it's just my competitive spirit. Even when I am competing against my own self, I want to be the best! I have participated in many healthy challenges over the years, some of my own creation. I like having a goal to work towards, it just sort of makes things easier somehow.

I was listening to a Fat Burning Man podcast the other day and the conversation turned to taking willpower out of the equation. I was fascinated by this concept. The gist of it was when you make a decision to do something a certain way for a certain time, you only have to make that decision one time, so every time a temptation comes up you simply acknowledge that you have already made it. Simple might not be the best way to describe it, but I really like the black-and-white-ness of this kind of thinking, especially when it comes to things that are difficult.

In this same podcast, they also talked about the difference between "Can't" and "Don't." They were talking about defining your decisions like this: instead of saying "I can't do that" or "I can't eat that" which means you are withholding or not allowing yourself to do something, you say "I don't do that" or "I don't eat that" and then all of a sudden it is completely different. Suddenly I am not keeping myself from doing anything, instead I am embracing the idea that I am not a person who does certain things. Taking this to a different level, what if I defined myself in positive terms instead of negative? Instead of "I don't eat junk food," I say, "I eat healthy food." Instead of saying "I don't do things halfway," I say, "I go the extra mile." Very black and white, yes, but intriguing nonetheless (look at all these fancy words in my blog today!!)

So, I'm taking up a #Project30Days challenge and I am challenging you to do the same. For the month of April I will be posting my thoughts as I go along on Twitter and Facebook with the #Project30Days hashtag, and I would love to have company!!  After quite a bit of soul-searching here are the projects I am giving myself. They are all kind of related and build upon each other, so I'm hoping that will create some synergy in the next 30 days.

  • I will get up early every day. By early I mean no later than 6 a.m. I have known for a long time that I am basically a morning person who can't stand getting up in the morning! Once I'm up, I'm good and I get a lot done. Usually I sleep until the boys have to get up and on the weekends I stay in bed even later, but I have found if I take some time for myself each morning before the craziness of the day begins, I am much more calm and focused. So, out of bed with my sleepy self! No excuses! I am an early bird!
  • Spend some time in quiet reflection every day. I am using the word reflection instead of meditation because for some reason when I try to "meditate" I find that very difficult, but when I just sit and think everything just flows.
  • Blog every day. There are a few reasons I want to include this. First of all, my blog is a wonderful outlet for me to process things that are in my head. Secondly, I really want to exercise my writing muscles on a more regular basis. And last, I want to connect more with people, and blogging certainly does that!

I will be starting April 1 (no kidding) on my #Project30Days. If you were going to do something new for 30 days what would it be? Think about it...and join me!! 


  1. Well, aren't you the over achieving "go the extra mile" person. You have three 30 day projects. I couldn't manage my one Lenten resolution real well. Maybe I should renew it for April by saying "I don't do..."

    1. Guilty as charged, although they are all kind of related, right? You should see me list of things I want to do!! I think I have enough 30 day projects for the rest of the year!


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