Monday, March 25, 2013

Mind Dump

I need to do a little clean out. I feel like my head is a really big purse that hasn't been cleaned out in a while. There is a lot of stuff bouncing around in there, some of it is really good and a lot of it is just junk that needs to be thrown away. If you are a woman who carries a purse you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Lately I've been feeling two things:

1. Full of energy and inspired with amazing ideas about what direction to take my life and career.

2. Frozen at the thought of where I should begin.

I have a very good friend who talks things out with me, but sometimes I find if I write it down things become a little clearer. Some thoughts I have been contemplating lately:

  • focus more energy on my coaching and creating more relationships to further that part of my career
  • this includes seeking out some more certifications like a personal trainer certification, nutrition studies and possibly beginning some yoga studies 
  • really start to develop my social media skills more...even though I think I'm pretty savvy with the social media stuff, I think I have a LOT to learn and that would really help focus my goals and help me start to develop relationships with people who can help me do just that
  • start to be more organized with my goals, so I actually begin to accomplish things instead of just think about accomplishing things
  • give myself hard deadlines to put steps and goals into action - this is really hard for me since I am primarily self-employed the only person to really enforce deadlines is myself
  • begin to rethink what I want my life to look like - I mean what if I could structure my life EXACTLY the way I wanted? What would that look like? Is it possible to start working towards that vision? What can I do to begin to make that happen?
  • develop my blog further - I've gotten a little lax with blogging and part of that is I feel I've lost my voice a little bit. I need to sit down and ask myself what exactly I want my blog to be and how to make that happen. This might involve a forced blogging challenge like blogging every day for a month. (oy, just the thought of that makes my head spin just a little and that pretty much means it's something I should seriously think about doing.)
So, friends, my questions to you...what do you do when you are frozen with ideas? When they are overflowing, but overwhelming at the same time? How do you focus yourself and start to make things happen?


  1. I so get frozen in ideas and don't know where to start. I've trained myself sometimes to just start somewhere even though it may not be correct. Just start. But like you I still find this hard occasionally especially when the things I want to do are going to take more effort than I'm use to or involve some sort of sacrifice!!

  2. I try to step back and focus on something else. Sometimes when we try to hard or think to hard, we can't see the forest through the trees so to speak. And I would suggest focusing on 1-2 things and give them 100%. Really cultivate them instead of potentially spreading yourself too thin. I also set smaller goals that lead up to the big one. This way I can celebrate wins along the way and don't get frustrated.

  3. Step 1: find a quiet place to just Breathe and begin to clear your mind by focusing on your breath. Focusing on the breath will bring space into your mind and give you the chance to see which thoughts linger longest before you can let them go for the moment. They will still be there just take a pause and let them go. Do you see where I am going with this Kelly? And no I don't just mean yoga would be great for you, but doing this will guide you to which of these things you are ready to focus on first. Perhaps it is the thing you can let go of first, perhaps it's the thing you hold onto longest. Either way taking a step to the side for a moment(or 20) will help you take Step 2. :) and as always any questions, yoga or otherwise, feel free to ask! Namaste.

  4. Did you read my mind to write this post? I constantly have so many ideas and no clue how to start. If you get some answers, I want to know!


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