Sunday, December 16, 2012


I sit here with tears streaming down my face, with my heart breaking for the families of the victims in the Connecticut shootings. Still, two days after it happened, I cannot bring myself to watch any news footage. Today there is a list in the paper of those that were so violently taken.

One of them was named Noah and he was six years old.

There was an art class of 4th graders that hid in a closet. Some of the 4th grade boys started crying.

I just keep thinking, these kids could have been my kids.

As much as I want to write an eloquent tribute to all of them, I have no words that can begin to express my sorrow for all of these moms and dads today. I will pray that peace falls down upon them and that they will remember their precious children laughing and smiling.

And I will give my kids that last kiss before they leave on the bus every morning, even if they don't want me to. I will tell them I love them every single day even if they are driving me crazy because they are here and for that I am so thankful.