Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Team Trimommy

I am in the full on throes of training for Rev3 Cedar Point FULL!!! I am super excited with how my training (and racing) has been going. I feel like I am getting stronger and stronger with each and every minute I'm putting in.

I have also been hitting some first time highlights on my personal road to 140.6. This past weekend I had my longest ride to date coming in just shy of 97 miles. I'm looking forward to getting to that 3-digit mark in one day coming soon! Believe it or not, it really did feel great despite that the first 4 hours of it were in the rain. (After Quassy and Musselman, I  have to say I'm over the rain. I can do it, but I'm over it.) When I got home on Saturday, I was so covered in dirt and grit from the road I had to rinse off in the outside hose before I even came inside! Of course, the 97 miles was just on Saturday. I followed that up with 52 miles and an hour run on Sunday. Full training is NO JOKE!

I've also been reading lots of Rev3 CP race reports on the interwebs too. It really gets me excited to get out there and have my own day to write about!!

I also have a little plan up my sleeve that I think will be really fun. Many of you have expressed to me how much you wish you could come out to Cedar Point to cheer me on. While I would love it if anybody could make the trip, I realize that it is a long way for most of you and not something that I expect in any way. HOWEVER, I would love for all of you to be "with" me on race day.

SO, my sister, Emily, is helping me create a race day shirt for everyone! Here is a little sneak peek.

I'm still working out the details of cost and a lot of that depends on how many I end up ordering, but it looks like they will be somewhere between $16-21. They will be tech shirts, so hopefully it will be something you wear more than once! :) What I'm hoping is that if you would like to join me on race day, that you wear a Team Trimommy shirt and then take a picture and post it on my Facebook page or twitter or send it to me to post on my blog!

If you would like a Team Trimommy shirt, please let me know by sending me an email at trimommylife@gmail.com, or leave a comment with how many and what size (there will be men and women's specific sizing) here or on Facebook. I am more than happy to ship out shirts if you are not local!

More than a t-shirt, though, it really does mean so much to me to have all of you guys (and you know who you are!!) being behind me and supporting me and cheering me on! It brings to mind that while the sport of triathlon is an individual sport, in so many ways I could not do it without my team! Thank you for being a part of my team!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Musselman Half-Iron Race Report

Two Sundays ago, I had the great pleasure of racing in my 3rd Musselman. This is a great hometown event in Geneva, NY, which is less than an hour from my house. It was my very first half-ironman tri, and I enjoy it every year I return. This year was particularly fun since Kel was racing as well and I had several athletes competing, many of them for their first half distance. Having just complete Syracuse 70.3 only three weeks earlier, I was interested to see how this race would go.

I love race mornings that start like this...

The morning started out with a looming threat of thunderstorms and an announcement that the swim would not be wetsuit legal. Since I was well aware that unless I pulled a 50 minute PR out of my hat there was no way I was in podium contention, I decided to wear my wetsuit since I was after a more modest PR.

Swim: 37:09 8/53 AG

Once we were in the water, I was actually quite glad I had my wetsuit on as many of the women around me were shivering. I opted to line up on the right, thinking that it looked like the shortest line to the buoy. The gun went off, and I was surprised to be out in front swimming in completely clean water, which was very weird. I'm a decent swimmer, but it is rare that I am leading a swim. After a while I realized all the fast swimmers lined up on the left because I saw them as they passed me...I guess I need to work on estimating distance a bit better! :) It still turned out to be a good choice for me, though, because the swim was super choppy and I was glad that I didn't have to contend with people as well as waves. Once we swam into the canal, I was really able to motor since it was calm. I felt good and think that the only reason I wasn't faster overall was because of the conditions.

Bike: 3:05:26 24/53 AG

Quick T1 and I was out on the bike. I felt strong from the beginning. Just like at Syracuse 70.3, I had some pretty specific HR goals and I feel like I did a great job hitting them. About 1.5 hours into the ride I noticed some really dark clouds ahead and then started seeing sky to ground lightning. About 5 minutes later the storm was literally on top of us. It was pouring and the lightning was so close I heard the thunder before I saw the flash. There were about 4 cracks of lightning right on top of us and I have to admit I was pretty freaked out. I passed a young girl and she asked me if we should stop. I decided the last thing we should do is stand in a big field during a lightning storm and told her to keep moving. The storm lasted about 30 minutes or so, and after that I still took all turns pretty conservatively. No more crashing for this girl!! I felt strong during the whole ride and this was a PR for this distance for me.

Run: 2:16:03 36/54 AG

I had one goal on this run and that was to push myself hard. My running has been pretty slow this year since I have been doing so much aerobic work in preparation for Rev3 Cedar Point Full, and I have been finding it difficult to find that next gear in races. Despite the relative slowness of the run, it was still about 4 minutes faster than Syracuse and I know I dug deep out there. It was also a relatively evenly paced run with the last 5 miles being some of my fastest! This was also the first time in a long time I have ran the whole run of a half by myself. I usually get a run buddy at some point, and on this day, it was just all up to me. Of course, that doesn't mean I wasn't having a great time encouraging those around me and thanking volunteers. For me, that goes without saying, because if it isn't fun, why am I doing it???

No idea what I am doing here, but it's funny!!

I totally picked this one because you can see my leg muscles...

6:02:27 23/54 AG

So all in all, my effort, while not quite good enough to get me under 6 (YET), were still good enough for  a PR of just over a minute! Last year I shaved off about a minute at this race, so maybe if I keep on racing that PR will keep getting lower!

It was a wonderful day for me as a coach as well. Here are some of the wonderful pictures of me with my athletes. What a day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Syracuse 70.3 Race Report

Get ready for a flurry of blog posts! Since racing Syracuse 70.3 on June 24, I have been on vacation for a week, raced another half-ironman, and performed in 3 concerts in addition to all of my usual craziness. I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted, but I guess when you are training for a full distance triathlon things like blogging are low on the totem pole.

Anywho, almost a month ago I raced Syracuse 70.3 It is my second time doing this race, although the first time the run course was much different (and much easier) than this year. One of the best things about this race is that I can sleep in my own bed and not even have to get up too early to get there in time, as transition is about 30 minutes from my house. It was also a lot of fun to know so many people on course. T2 had a great carb loading breakfast on Saturday which was a blast. It was so nice to just hang out with the team and there was a lot of laughing going on.

 I'm pretty sure this was almost a butt shot.

At least I had an excuse to stuff my face...

I went into this race with very specific pacing and HR goals and absolutely no time goals. I had decided to not even have the time showing on my watch, because I didn't even want it to be a part of my racing strategy.

Swim: 35:52, 9th AG

Honestly, I don't remember much about this swim (note to self: don't wait almost a month to write up a race report). Half-iron swims always seem longer than I expect them to be, and this was no different. I also very rarely have a grip on how well I am swimming. This was a good swim for me, but I'm pretty sure I was thinking it was slow during the race. Funny how that happens

Bike: 3:09:09, 17th AG

This bike course is no joke. There is a lot of climbing, some long and unrelenting hills and some short and painful ones. My goal was to keep my HR right around 160 for the entire ride.  I did pretty good. It's hard on such a variable course, but my average for the ride was 162, so I was pretty pleased with that. This was a PR for this particular course for me. The weather was absolutely perfect, the scenery was beautiful, and I just remember feeling so blessed to be able to be out there riding my bike.

Run: 2:20:02. 20th AG

This run course was SO HARD!! I had run the course a few times leading into the race and felt pretty good about it, but I was surprised by how mentally difficult a double out and back was. It was nice to see everyone on the course, but it was hard to know you were going to have to do it all again. Here is a look at the elevation profile.

It also really warmed up, the the heat was challenging as well. My goal was to keep my HR around 165ish for the whole run, and this was probably my most evenly paced half ever. My last mile was actually my fastest mile of the day. I felt very comfortable the whole way until the very end when my calf decided to cramp up a bit. Even so, I was excited about this run...until I saw the time! Then I had to give myself a talking to and remind myself that I nailed my goals. Yes, I am running slow, but I can run slow for a very long time and keep my splits super even, and that is what I'm shooting for in Cedar Point!!
This pic was taken from the head cam of a racer in front of me. 
I still can't believe he did that run with that thing on his head!!

So my overall time for the day was 6:10:30, not my best time for a half and not my worst. It was however, one of my most even races and I am very proud of it!!

A huge thanks to all my sponsors: Rev3Tri, Powerbar, Pearl Izumi, Normatec, TriSlide, Swiftwick, and Blue Seventy. (Just a note that I was bummed I couldn't wear my Rev3 kit because I was still in need of the right size shorts, but it was great to be able to wear my T2 kit since there were so many T2 athletes out on course.)

Musselman Half race report coming up tomorrow!!