Monday, April 23, 2012

Help a mommy out...

Okay. Here is some real talk for all of you parents out there.

I need help. Big time.

I feel like my kids (and my life) is out of control. Let me set the stage for you by describing my afternoon.

In the 15 minutes before my kids got off the bus today I pumped myself up by saying things like, "I am a good mother" to myself. I prayed. I thought of some things we could do this afternoon since I knew playing outside was out of the question on this cold and rainy day. I went to get them off the bus, and they jumped off the bus making farting noises on the back of their hands, blowing spit everywhere and then laughing hysterically. I told them they needed to be done with that before they came inside. They laughed hysterically...not sure if that was at me. They raced into the house, dropping backpacks and jackets on the floor, shoes left exactly where they were kicked off their feet. Then I notice the answering machine blinking.

It was the principal calling to let me know Ryan has lunch detention tomorrow because of out of control behavior at lunch today.

Out of control behavior, you say? What??? My child???

During the course of the afternoon, after many promises from Ryan and Noah that they would be good, they got increasingly more "crazy" as we call it. I mean, they were having a great time, but they were just out of control! At one point Ryan grabbed Noah's head and proceeded to fart on it. Real talk...right here.

By the time Kel got home they had each been sent to their room two times each, and I was frustrated beyond belief. Clearly something is not working..

I realize that part of the problem, if you want to call it that, is that Ryan, who has Aspergers Syndrome, doesn't really have any sort of cognitive understanding of when something goes from being enjoyable and fun to over the top, out of control craziness. He just knows that if someone is laughing at him, for that moment he is being accepted, so he wants it to continue. In many ways this breaks my heart because it is so evident to me that for the most part, he is not accepted by his peers. They laugh and he thinks it's great, keeps on doing it and then gets in trouble.

At home it is the same pattern, only now he has the captive audience of Noah, who loves his big brother and wants to do everything he does...especially if it involves any sort of replication of a bodily function. Seriously. I would say 5 nights out of 7 end up with both of our kids bouncing off the walls, laughing hysterically, yelling, screaming, running around the house like wild animals and me screaming and yelling and crying like another wild animal. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING!

I want my kids to have fun. How do I teach them to have fun but not let things get out of control? Help me!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our new addition

So way back in October, you might remember that I found out my beautiful new Kestrel 4000 was cracked in my crash. I was so disappointed when I found out that I was not going to be getting the exact frame color from before as there were no more 2011s in my size. My new frame finally came about a month ago, and while it is beautiful and sophisticated, I have to admit it wasn't love at first sight.

I mean, I kind of felt like my time with Miss Artemis Blue was cut short, and now this upstart new guy is trying to take her place. At the same time I got my new frame built up I also started to have some saddle issues. (Well, to be honest, it's been going on for a while, but I finally realized I have got to do something about it because 112 miles just isn't happening with the parts protesting that much!) I think the saddle issues combined with my own fears about getting out on the road again after the crash and having a replacement to my bike whose time was cut short caused me to not have an instant bond with the new bike.

But finally, after another AMAZING fit experience with Chad at Geneva Bikes (seriously, if you live within driving distance of Geneva, NY, this is the man to go to...for real, people) and a new saddle, I think the new bike and I have come to a meeting of the minds.

Meet in Mr. Darcy...(sorry for the blurry phone photo and the trainer wheel on the back).

He's the strong silent type. And he's not too shabby on the eyes either. (And now I so need to go watch Colin Firth come out of the lake, but that is a whole other post...)

The blue Oval wheels matched my last bike like a dream, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that now. I might just embrace the look and roll with it, but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

And the new saddle, the Adamo Breakaway...

I'm really hoping that this new saddle combined with Chad's tweaks on my fit will relieve me of my saddle woes. Otherwise, I'm going to have to start investing in a chamois cream company...

Have a great night!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rev3Tri Run Across America Coaching Raffle Winner!!

They did it!

They ran 3, 080 miles from the coast of California to Washington, D.C. .

And we did it too! With this raffle alone, we raised $555 for the Ulman Cancer Fund. Thank you to all of you who entered.

And the winner is...

Sabrina B.!! Woot!

Please contact me at, and we can get going with your coaching! I'm excited to get to know you and help you achieve your goals this season!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Training Update and Another Winner

Before I get into my training as of late, I just want to announce the winner of my latest door prize. Tom S., you have won yourself some TriSlide!! I will be choosing the winner of the coaching raffle tomorrow as my team wraps up their 3,080 mile journey across America. You can still enter!! Click here for details.

So my Full Rev training is in full force! I have been putting my nose to the grindstone and getting it D.O.N.E. done! The thing about training for an IM is that, unfortunately, it really isn't very glamorous or exciting. It is a lot of hours of fairly easy aerobic work. Most of the mental toughness, comes in not getting discouraged by how slow I am going. I have to remember that I am training for an endurance event, and the goal is to be able to keep going!! So while I would love to be able to report that I'm out killing mile repeats or setting PRs on all of my training runs, the truth is I'm just out there getting the time in.

A couple of weeks ago we had a gorgeous week of summer-like weather, and I was lucky enough to be able to get in almost 200 miles of riding. Since then, though, it's been back to the trainer because of weather and the boys being on break this past week. Yesterday, though, I took the new bike (yet to be named still) out for a 4 hour ride, and it was great. I felt good, despite some saddle issues I'm working through, and I definitely felt like I had more in me. Lately every time I go out for a swim, bike, or run, while I'm not necessarily feeling very fast, I am feeling very fit, and that is a great feeling. (Of course, let's be would also be a good feeling...).

Once I got home I had a 30 minute run on tap. It wasn't scheduled as a brick, but I knew that once I got cleaned up from my run there was NO WAY I was going to get sweaty again. (Training Tip: Honor what you know about yourself and your tendencies, i.e. that you are more likely to skip an evening workout, and you will be much more consistent in your training.) I didn't really feel like going out for even an easy run, and as I was debating Noah came up to chat. I asked him if he wanted to go on a run with me, and he was all for it! It was nice and easy, and we ended up doing 2 miles together! He was a trooper. His pacing method is a little unorthodox - run as fast as you can and then stop, then run as fast as you can and then stop, but all in all he did pretty darn good. He talked to me the whole time, and it was a great way to spend 30 minutes with my son. I will definitely be asking him to join me more in the future.

I'm starting to get excited for race season to begin. A lot of friends and teammates are out there already racing, and I'm itching to get started. My first race of the season is the Olympic Rev at Rev3 Quassy in June, but I'm also headed down to Rev3 in Knoxville in a few weeks to work in timing!! Woot! Can't wait!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another winner...

And tonight's TriSwim/TriSlide prize goes to.....

Annie L.!!  YAY!

Shoot me your address, and I'll get this out to you right away!

There's another one coming tomorrow, so get your donations in! (I'm totally loving picking winners every night!)

I'm doing it again

Today and tomorrow...raffling off some more TriSwim and TriSlide products!! Everyone who has already donated to the Run Across America in my name, even if it is just $1, will be entered!

Be sure to donate under my name and you will be entered! I'm drawing a winner tonight and tomorrow night around 9 p.m.!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Winner, winner...

Yay! The winner of tonight's door prize is Sabrina B.!! Please shoot me an email with your deets and I will get your TriSwim out to you!!

Didn't win? Don't be sad...I'm doing it all again tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

They are still running...and more door prizes!!

The Rev3Tri Run Across America is still going!! Sixteen days, 1800 miles and over $33,000 raised to benefit the Ulman Cancer Fund so far! You can read blog posts from the road here.

The more I think about it, the more I am amazed by this, and the more I want to do something, anything, to help! Don't you??

So, how about some more door prizes??

For the next three days I will give away some TRISWIM and TRISLIDE products. Tomorrow I will giveaway a full size TRISWIM Lotion, 2 shot-sized shampoos, and 2 Foggle sheets (on the left). Thursday I will give away a can of TRISLIDE and 2 Foggle sheets (middle), and on Friday I will give away a full size TRISWIM Shampoo and Conditioner and 2 Foggle sheets (right).

Everyone that is already entered for my 3 months free coaching raffle (click here for details) is already in the drawing for all of these door prizes! It's not too late to enter the coaching raffle and you get your name in the pot for every $10 you donate to the Rev3Tri RAA.

If you are excited to get your hands on some TRISWIM and quit smelling like chlorine every day you swim, any donation amount will get you an entry! Simply click on the donate button below, and when you donate be sure to pick my name (Kelly Covert) for team member you are donating under. Please leave a comment and follow this blog or my facebook page so I can get in touch with you easily when you have won!

Also, please retweet and blast out on Facebook! Let's rally together and see what we can do to kick some cancer butt! You could say something like this:

"Win free @TRISWIM  and free coaching from @TrimommyKelly to benefit @rev3tri #RAA and @ulmancancerfnd."

Thanks to all of you who have donated already. Every single dollar counts!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

They Have Worn Me Down

Today I went to the pool for a swim. I was looking forward to getting in a nice 3000 yard workout and then heading to the grocery store for a quick trip before I had to get Noah home and on the bus by 12:15 (have I told you how much half day kindergarten just kills my schedule???).

I swim at the Y, and this morning I was swimming in the single lap lane while a group of kids on spring break played on one side of the pool and on the other a swim lesson for a group of 3 year olds was going on. I had gotten through my warm-up and about 800 yards of my main set and I heard the shrill whistle of the lifeguard. Dread sliced through me because I know what that sound means.

Sure enough, I look up and one of the little kids had swallowed some water and then spit it back up in the pool. Technically, it was throw up, so the protocol is to clear the pool and then shock it with super doses of chlorine.

And then I absolutely horrified myself by saying, out loud, "I don't see what the big deal is. It's just a little throw up."


How did I turn into this person that isn't even grossed out by throw up. In the pool. That I am currently swimming in and sometimes accidentally swallow the water of?  (Seriously, I know you do it too, so don't even go there.)

And then I realized, being the mother of two kids has evolved my gross tolerance level. What used to be absolutely disgusting is now just sort of everyday. It would be like if you ate rich chocolate cake every night for dessert, after a while it would just be boring.

Except I'm not talking about rich chocolate cake, I'm talking about bodily fluids and functions...also, I don't think I would ever get sick of rich chocolate cake, so that is just a really bad example. Moving right along...

I mean, seriously, after you have to clean poop up off a bedroom floor, how gross is a teeny tiny bit of throw up in an already over-chlorinated pool? The other day I had to clean the dried boogers off of Noah's wall beside his bed. The words, "do you need a tissue?" come out of my mouth more than I would like to admit, and if I have to explain that washing your hands yesterday probably was too long ago one more time...well let's just leave it at that. Bloody noses are so routine, my children only tell me if they got blood on their clothes.  Last month I found 5 pair of streaky underwear stuffed behind Noah's dresser because he didn't want to get in trouble for not wiping good enough. (Somehow his logic isn't quite advanced enough to realize that a better solution than hiding his dirty underwear would be TO WIPE HIS BUTT BETTER!) Living in a house with three males, I have become so accustomed to the sound of burping and farting followed by insane amounts of laughing, it doesn't even faze me anymore. I hardly even make an effort to show my disgust, not at the sound itself, but at the rudeness of the act. They have worn me and all of my shiny edges down.

Now I am just a mother who doesn't even mind swimming in the pukey pool.

What's next? ;)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Powerbar Door Prize Winner

Thanks so much to everyone who has entered this raffle so far! Like I said yesterday, together we have raised over $500 towards the Rev3Tri Run Across America and overall Rev3 is about to go over the $30,000 mark in fundraising to benefit the Ulman Cancer Fund! WOOT!

The winner of today's door prize is....

Maria B.!!

Yay! Congrats, Maria!! I will get your prize to you this week! 

The coaching raffle will stay open through the end of the Run Across America. There will be some more fun door prizes too, so get your entry in! Every donation of $10 gets one entry into the drawing for 3 months of free coaching. If you would like to be eligible for the door prizes, a donation of at least $1 will get your name in the pot!! Also, know that if you would like to donate, but are not interested in the prizes, just shoot me an email at, and let me know!!