Wednesday, October 24, 2012

late night ramblings

It is 10:08 p.m.

What? That doesn't count as late? Clearly you have no children and a night-owl husband then. In my house anything in the double digits is way past bedtime.

So why am I up and why the heck am I writing at 10:10 (yes, it took me two minutes to write that.)

The fact is, I'm in a funk. A major funkity-funk-funk. How do I know this?

Let's just say I've been hiding Tootsie Roll wrappers where Kel can't see them because there are so many of them I'm sure he would be embarrassed for me. See, I'm really just being nice to him...there is nothing weird about this behavior. Also, I had to get motivated to get up and go to Target today. Clearly if I have problems making it to Target there is a Major Motivation Malfunction (MMM...tootsie rolls) happening in my life.

Moving right along....nothing to see here....

For reals, though, it's been a rough month, and the fact that I don't have a big upcoming goal of any sort, and especially of the physical sort, is not helping.

So I've decided I need to do something epic. I'm not sure what that will be, but I've given myself a list of requirements:

  • Must be done locally because I can't afford to go anywhere. 
  • Must involve being outside because that speaks to my soul.
  • Must be cheap.
  • Must be fun.
  • Must be something that makes people raise their eyebrows. (So this is weird, but it wouldn't really be epic if it was something that wasn't, well, eyebrow-raising.)
  • I'm thinking I would like whatever this epic thing is going to be to be relatively self-supported, i.e. not officially organized, although if anyone wants to join me they can as long as they are cool enough.
Even as I'm writing this my mind is flooding with a list of possible feats of epic-ness. Maybe a self-supported trail marathon on a random weekday (eyebrow-raising to be sure). Maybe a day where I just strap on a backpack and run and walk the whole day and see where I end up. (Note to this on a weekend so Kel can come pick you up wherever you end up.) I don't think I want any epic bike riding to happen, so I'm leaning towards the running.

So, can you help me? What do you do to get de-funkify? What would qualify as an epic feat? I know at least half of the 13 people that read this blog qualify as crazy, so I want to hear your ideas. Really...


  1. As for me, I'm usually more motivated when I have other people depending on me. So, here are some thoughts/ideas:
    1. At my kids' school (where I volunteer a lot), they have a running/walking program once a week for the students during their recess time (many of the teachers even participate). Once the students run 7 laps around the field (which equals a mile), they get a little plastic runner that they can put on their shoelaces, bracelet, backpack, etc (purchased w/FFO dollars). The various grade levels keep track of the total number of miles collected and enjoy the competition between grades. ~Anna A.

  2. Another idea (to have others depending on you):
    2. Be a Boot Camp leader! You would have to develop creative activities to give others a good work out (in turn you would be benefiting as well). Use community parks/spaces and make it interesting. You could even put a charity spin to it: have your friends/locals join you for free but ask for a pair of gently used boots/shoes to donate to a local charity. I'd come - if only I didn't live thousands of miles away! Good luck thinking of other ventures! ~Anna A.

    1. Sometimes a funk is just a funk...everyone has them. The more you think about it the worse it gets. Small projects seem to help me out of a funk...really clean my fridge, read that book I have been putting off...clean the closets out...doing something that I can really notice when I finish my project...pretty soon you are looking for the next project because the motivation is going now...and all of a sudden you think...where did my funk go. A funk is a time to be kind to yourself...not put more stress on yourself. Funks can be good.

  3. Is there a halloween or Santa claus run coming up in your area?

  4. You should go streaking through Enchanted Beaver Lake!! : )

  5. Funkity-funk-funk... I get that.

    So Tom and I talked about how hard it would be to run one mile, every hour for 24 hours. Yes, it's only a mile which would take 9/10/11 minutes, but imagine trying to function the rest of the day. Do you shower? When do you eat? You really only have like 45 minutes to figure it out before you do it again.

    Stupid? Maybe... but sounds kind of crazy.

  6. Everybody is in a funk at some time of their life. I opt for volunteering in marathons. It is not only fun, cheering the runners but also inspiring and motivating for them.

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  7. Volunteering is a good call, and it's FREE

    What about trying to fet faster at shorter distances?


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