Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Team Trimommy

I am in the full on throes of training for Rev3 Cedar Point FULL!!! I am super excited with how my training (and racing) has been going. I feel like I am getting stronger and stronger with each and every minute I'm putting in.

I have also been hitting some first time highlights on my personal road to 140.6. This past weekend I had my longest ride to date coming in just shy of 97 miles. I'm looking forward to getting to that 3-digit mark in one day coming soon! Believe it or not, it really did feel great despite that the first 4 hours of it were in the rain. (After Quassy and Musselman, I  have to say I'm over the rain. I can do it, but I'm over it.) When I got home on Saturday, I was so covered in dirt and grit from the road I had to rinse off in the outside hose before I even came inside! Of course, the 97 miles was just on Saturday. I followed that up with 52 miles and an hour run on Sunday. Full training is NO JOKE!

I've also been reading lots of Rev3 CP race reports on the interwebs too. It really gets me excited to get out there and have my own day to write about!!

I also have a little plan up my sleeve that I think will be really fun. Many of you have expressed to me how much you wish you could come out to Cedar Point to cheer me on. While I would love it if anybody could make the trip, I realize that it is a long way for most of you and not something that I expect in any way. HOWEVER, I would love for all of you to be "with" me on race day.

SO, my sister, Emily, is helping me create a race day shirt for everyone! Here is a little sneak peek.

I'm still working out the details of cost and a lot of that depends on how many I end up ordering, but it looks like they will be somewhere between $16-21. They will be tech shirts, so hopefully it will be something you wear more than once! :) What I'm hoping is that if you would like to join me on race day, that you wear a Team Trimommy shirt and then take a picture and post it on my Facebook page or twitter or send it to me to post on my blog!

If you would like a Team Trimommy shirt, please let me know by sending me an email at trimommylife@gmail.com, or leave a comment with how many and what size (there will be men and women's specific sizing) here or on Facebook. I am more than happy to ship out shirts if you are not local!

More than a t-shirt, though, it really does mean so much to me to have all of you guys (and you know who you are!!) being behind me and supporting me and cheering me on! It brings to mind that while the sport of triathlon is an individual sport, in so many ways I could not do it without my team! Thank you for being a part of my team!


  1. 97 miles, so inspirational! I definitely want to support you and be a part of Team Trimommy! Please put me down for a women's small. Looking forward to seeing how your training is going! - Megan (Jepson) Foley

  2. I'll take one women's med. or men's small.


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