Friday, June 8, 2012

Rev3 Quassy Olympic Race Report

It's been a crazy week, so I'm just now sitting down to write my race report from the Rev3Tri Quassy weekend! This is the 4th year that Kel and I have headed down to Connecticut for this race, and once again Rev3 did not disappoint. In a way, this has kind of become a sort of hometown race for us, even though we live 5 hours away. We usually start seeing Rev3 teammates and friends the minute we park the car, and we get to see some of our Syracuse friends as well, which is always nice.

We rolled into the park on Friday just in time for the practice swim. The boys were spending the weekend with Gramma and Grampa, so we were footloose and fancy free for the weekend. We headed straight down to the water and hopped in. It felt great. I got about 1000 yards or so in, and felt good about the race the next day. I had no dizziness, which I was a little bit worried about.

We picked up our packets, said hi to all of our Rev3 family, and then went for a little spin. Turns out that was a good idea because Kel's bike wasn't shifting great. Fortunately, we ran into Rev3 teammie, Chris, in the parking lot and he helped us out. After a little pep talk from coach, we checked our bikes in, grabbed some dinner and checked into the hotel. (I was a slacker and took very few pics this weekend. Sorry about that!)

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up to what I thought was the shower dripping. Nope. It was a steady rain that didn't stop until late in the day on Saturday. It was pouring as we left the hotel for transition. This bummed me out a little because I had some goals I was shooting for on the bike and I knew that with the wet roads I wouldn't be able to ride the way I had planned. I have met the road before and have no desire to do so again!!

Once we were down at transition, the rain just kept coming and it was pretty cold as well. I got into my wetsuit as soon as possible and just hung out until the swim start. Since I am still a few pounds over 150 I decided to race Athena and was pleasantly surprised to find myself starting in the first wave, which has never happened to me before.

Swim: 26:07, 1st Athena, 25/227 Females

The swim was good. My goal was to build throughout the swim. I did get a little off course at one point because the buoys were kind of getting blown around and I was sighting off of a sighting buoy instead of the turn buoy. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only who made that mistake, but it did make me feel as though I wasn't having that good of swim at the time. After the last turn, I really cranked it up and powered through to the swim finish. Imagine my great surprise when I got out of the water and big cheer went up among the crowd, "It's the first woman!"

Ha! I was so surprised. My swim wave was Athenas, Clydesdales, and men and women over 50, and indeed I was the first woman to finish from that wave and since my wave was first I just happened to be the first woman out of the water. I have to say this was by far the coolest thing about this race, as the chances of that happening to me again are pretty slim. I ended up being the "lead" woman until about mile 9.5 on the bike, which was pretty funny and fun! Just for kicks I checked my age group (W35-39) and I would have been 6th in my AG out of the swim, so still not a bad day!

T1: 2:19

In and out of T1, in the pouring rain still. I did take the time to throw on some rolled up arm warmers.

Bike: 1:34:34, 16.29 mph, 1st Athena, 50/227 Females

I was still riding pretty high on being the first woman out on the bike course, and my spirits were lifted by seeing Rev3 teammate, Jen, out at the first turn of the course. However, the bike could really qualify as a swim too it was so rainy and wet. I was pretty nervous about pushing at all on the downhills because this course is very technical. I hung my goal up in T1 and decided to do my best just to get through without hitting the pavement. The hardest part about the bike was going downhill because the rain was pelting me in the face so hard I could barely see and I was gripping the handlebars so tightly my arms were sore the next day. I saw several people that had clearly made BFFs with the blacktop, including one guy who literally had no back left to his tri shorts. It was pretty scary because I was riding mostly with men around me and they seemed much less concerned with their safety than I was. I'm sure my race pics will be interesting with snot running out of my nose, only one arm warmer rolled up (because I was too scared to take my hands off the bars to roll up the other one), and a look of frozen terror on my face.

Needless to say, I was so happy to roll into T2 all in one piece.

T2: 1:05

Smoking fast, if you ask me! I'm sure my Pearl Izumi Iso Transitions helped with that! No socks necessary!

Run: 1:01:54 

Ah, the run, my constant nemesis. I ran hard out there. The course is so difficult, but today this was all I could pull out. I have been doing a ton of training at pretty slow paces since that is what 140.6 training looks like. Unfortunately, that doesn't do a lot for olympic tris. Even though I got passed (and passed and passed) including getting passed by the woman who took 1st Athena, I'm happy with this run. I pushed myself, I stayed fairly steady, I encourage the people around me, I had fun, and I smiled...a lot. One of the best moments of the run was around mile 2 when I heard Kel's voice behind me. His wave started behind mine about 15 minutes so we were both wondering how long it would take him to pass me. I wish it could have been closer to the finish line, but it was nice to see him and know he was safe off of the bike. He ended up having a great day finishing in 2:38.

Total Time: 3:05:58, 2nd Athena, 67/227 Females

While I didn't run quite as fast as I would have hoped, I still beat my time from last year by almost 3 minutes, which is a success, especially with the rain fest. Just so you can have a sense of what it was like, this is a picture of someone coming across the finish line (through the mud pit obstacle...wait, you mean this isn't Tough Mudder?)


After we dried off  and warmed up in the car, picked up the awards (a totally cool medal that I can fit my finisher's medal in and a Fuel Belt) and then headed to get something to eat. This was my sweet reward: quinoa granola with fresh fruit and local coffee ice cream.

Unfortunately, that's it for pics on Saturday, but I was able to get one on Sunday since Kel and I stayed for a bit of the HalfRev and to cheer on all of our friends racing.

Here is a great pic of the men's pro start. Lucky for the HalfRevvers the weather cleared up beautifully.

All in all Quassy was wonderful! A big shout out of thanks to all of my great sponsors: Team Rev3Tri, Pearl Izumi, Blue Seventy, Swiftwick, Normatec, TriSwim, and Powerbar.


  1. So YOU were the one with the single arm warmer!

    I volunteered for the Oly and was at the Quassy entrance for the bike and run. I saw you come in and thought "How does one arm warm up and the other doesn't?" Your reasoning makes a lot more sense.

    Awesome job with the conditions!! I never saw the guy missing bike shorts, but I saw a few with pretty nasty road rash coming back into T2.

    Congrats on leading the race! Not many get to say that.

    1. haha, Kurt, that is hysterical!! I was just so afraid to even try to wrestle with the other one!!

  2. so proud of you and so glad I FINALLY got to meet you!!!
    Excellent work out there, Saturday was a BATLLE--not only against that course but in that weather! You should be very proud of your awesomeness!! xo

  3. Oh wow you were on the podium with my friend Juls! She took third Athena! What a great report and well done on that hard and wet bike course - that would've freaked me out!


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