Sunday, June 10, 2012


As I train more and more and become more focused on my A race, Rev3 Cedar Point Full, I have become more and more paranoid about every new little ache and pain my body dares to put up.

Last Sunday, after Quassy, I woke up with a sore left foot. Now I have been dealing with heel pain now for about 2 years and I have it pretty much under control. I know what I need to do to manage it, and I actually think it is starting to turn around a bit with the help of my great sports chiro, Dr. Parker. This foot pain, however, was not in my heel but on the top outer side of my foot. It got gradually worse throughout the day, so that by the time we got home I could barely walk on it without pain.

On Monday I noticed that it was slightly bruised and commenced with what I will call my first 140.6 freak out. Of course I made the mistake of diagnosing myself with Google (not a good idea, btw), and was positive that my September race was in jeopardy. I called my chiro and got an appointment, but due to several things beyond my control I was 30 minutes late and had to reschedule for Tuesday. I got home and basically had a huge pity party for myself. There might have been tears involved.

Kel, the voice of reason, said I shouldn't worry about it until I knew for sure what was up. I let coach know what was up and rested and iced. Each day it was feeling better, so by Tuesday I was a little less freaked out. I ended up getting an X-ray just to rule out an acute fracture. Since stress fractures don't show up on X-rays, we will wait a few weeks and if it is still bothering me I'll go get another.

As it turns out, the only thing that showed up on the X-ray were a bone spur on my heel which I knew about, and a bone spur on the top of my foot that was something I did not know about. The best we can surmise is that either running hard at the race or something the ART guy did while working on me aggravated the muscle around it.

I did two 20-minute test runs on Friday and Sunday, with no pain during or after, so I am hopeful that it was just some weird niggle and not a lasting injury.

The funny thing about this week is all the stuff that goes through your head when you start to think your A race is in jeopardy. I started being hypersensitive about every little creak and pop, and then I realized I just need to relax and have faith.

And that is exactly what I will do.


  1. Good. Take your own advice. It WILL be ok :-)

  2. I agree with Kacie. Relax and have faith! You know what you need to do :)

  3. Yep just relax and it will be fine.

  4. Relax! Easier said than done though!


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