Wednesday, June 20, 2012

38? Impossible!

When I was nine years old my mom turned 30, and I vividly remember the surprise party we threw for her. Ever since then I have always thought of my mom as being 30 years old. What a shock for me when I turned 30! I mean, if my mom is 30, how in the world could I be 30?

Today, I turned 38, and I still feel the same way. Thirty-eight? Impossible! My mom is only 30!

She called me first thing this morning and said the same thing! It was fitting that my mommy was the first person to call me this morning as she was the first person to know me. Ever since I have become a mother, I always think about the fact that the day a first child is born is also the birth of a mother. I always make a point to wish a mother special wishes on the birthday of her child. Thanks, Mommy! I love you!

I had a wonderful day today - a bike ride, the last day of school, ice cream, So You Think You Can Dance, and all my boys - now that is a lot of #summergratitude! I've been toying with the idea all week long of doing a 38 things in my 38th year list, but, to tell you the truth, I'm not sure I can come up with 38 things today! I need to think about it more. So, maybe I will have a list, but maybe I will just live my 38th year as it comes...or maybe I will do both!

So on the longest day of the year, the day of my birth (coincidence? doubt it!), I celebrate a life lived and to be lived with love, excellence, gratitude, grace, sweat, maybe some tears and a whole lot of laughs.


  1. great post! happy birthday and hope you have a great 38th!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I turned 38 this year hard to believe as well. I still feel maybe 25.

  3. Yay!!! Happy Birthday!!! I'm sorry my wishes are coming so late!! Hope you had a lovely birthday and are enjoying 38 :D


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