Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spinning with Excitement

Well...kind of.

With my first race of the season in just a few days at Rev3 Quassy, I am SO EXCITED!! I have been putting in a lot of time and I am ready to just go!

that is until all of a sudden I literally started spinning.

On Friday I had a great early morning training session and later that day had several dizzy spells. I chalked it up to low blow sugar and didn't think anything else about it over the weekend since I felt great on Saturday and Sunday.

Then on Monday morning I opened my eyes around 5 a.m. and the room was spinning. I closed them and it was still spinning. I was able to fall back asleep somehow, and when I woke up I took it super easy that morning. Around noon I felt totally better and so, in maybe not my smartest move ever, I went out for a ride.

And I was on FIRE! I felt so great...for about an hour. Then, out of the blue, BAM, I got so dizzy I was afraid I would fall off my bike. I found a patch of shade and literally just laid down beside the road. Some very nice people in the house close by came to check on me and took care of me until Kel came to get me. There might have been some puking involved too, but I'm just trying not to think about it too much.

I laid on my spinning bed for the rest of the day and night, and still didn't feel totally like myself yesterday, so at the urging of my coach and my worried inner self, I took myself to the doctor's office to see what was going on. The PA, who happens to be a friend of mine and a fellow athlete, said I had the classic symptoms of positional vertigo, which is an inner ear disturbance. The good news is that I am feeling better each day, and he was very encouraging that I should be feeling 100% by Saturday so I can race my heart out (thanks, J!!).

As excited as I am to race, I sincerely hope the spinning stops!! :)


  1. Ugh! Hope you feel better, REAL soon!

  2. yikes!
    get well soon! and have a great race!

  3. This has happened to me before (more often than I'd like to admit). Is there any treatment you had to do to help with the inner ear problem? Or does it just resolve on its own? Is it related to water in the ear from swimming (and/or heavy sweating)?

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better and will be able to race this weekend. Sounds like Quassy is going to be amazeballs!!!

  5. Hope you are feeling better! Have a great race weekend!


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