Thursday, March 15, 2012

this and that

Wow! I have had a lot going on and it seems like my blog is taking the brunt of my business! I have totally been missing this and all of you!

Thanks to all of you who left kind words about my friend, Pete. It really meant a lot to me and to his wife as well.

I am happy to say I am all healed from my random bowling injury and am plugging away at my training. This week I swam my longest swim EVER clocking in at 4300 yards! It was amazing. The time just flew by and I felt stronger and stronger throughout the swim. It really gave me a lot of confidence about the 2.4 mile swim of a full distance triathlon. I am happy that my shoulder didn't argue with me at all.

I also had a wonderful run today. We have been having AMAZING weather this week. I had a long run on tap and coach wanted me to run three 20 min. segments at a certain HR. She said she would prefer that I do it on a loop so each lap was basically the same and then we could compare. At first I was kind of not looking forward to it, but then I just decided to embrace it and off I went. I decided to turn the auto lap of my
Garmin off so I wouldn't obsess the entire run about what my pace was. (Usually every time I see my mile splits I either rejoice or despair at the number.) It was really nice to just settle in an run, and I loved the idea of having a 20 minute lap. The amazing thing is that for each of the 20 min. laps I ran exactly the same distance. It wasn't fast, but it sure was steady!! What is that story about the tortoise again???

The boys have been loving the great weather as well. I basically let them come inside for a snack and a bathroom break after they get off the bus, then shoo them outside again. They have been playing together so well and just seem happier now that they can get outside and just run!

The great weather has also inspired me to go through my closet and switch everything over to spring and summer. It's so nice to see bright colors hanging in there again. (Don't worry, the warm stuff isn't locked away just yet...I'm expecting at least one more bout of cold weather before spring is here to stay.) I also really cleaned out a lot of clothes that either I don't wear anymore or just really don't like anymore, but still wear because I feel like I should. My plan is to not really buy anything new this year that I don't absolutely a. need and b. love. This should also help with our budget. ;)

I haven't ridden yet outside, but that is on tap for this weekend on my new frame...more to come on that soon!!

Happy training!


  1. The tortoise rocks!!! Well done!

  2. I've been pulling out all of the spring gear too. It's quite a relief!

  3. Hope you had a great ride with the new bike :)

  4. The warm weather has been amazing for the kids!


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