Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rev3Tri Run Across America Door Prize Time!!

My Rev3 teammates who are running across America just crossed into New Mexico yesterday. They have been running now for over 6 days and still have 15 to go to reach the finish line in Washington, D.C. If you are interested in checking out their progress click here. There are a lot of AMAZING pictures as well as blog posts from the runners. The pictures really give me chills just looking at them. So epic. I have been doing my own virtual Run Across America with my teammates that aren't doing it for real! I missed the first two days, which bummed me out a little, but since Wednesday I've managed to get at least a little run every day, even if it is only a mile. I'm hoping to keep the streak up all the way to the finish line!

Thanks to everyone who has entered my Rev3Tri Run Across America raffle so far! There are over 50 entries in so far which means that someone is definitely going to win some free coaching, but more importantly we have raised over $500 for the Ulman Cancer Fund! To keep everyone's spirits up while we wait for the finish line (and the drawing of the grand prize!), I'm going to give away a few door prizes! Anyone who has entered the raffle so far is eligible for all door prizes, so you guys don't have to do anything!!

This weekend the prize is from one of my awesome Rev3 sponsors, PowerBar.  It's a PowerBar water bottle (I love these because the tops have yellow on them so I don't get them mixed up with other water bottle tops) filled to the brim with Powerbar goodies, including 3 PowerBar Energy Gels, a PowerBar Performance Energy Bar, and a PowerBar Recovery Bar (my new favorite training treat!).

Like I said earlier, everyone who has entered the free coaching raffle is already entered. A $10 donation to the Rev3Tri RAA gets you an entry to the coaching raffle. If you would like to throw your name in the pot for doorprizes, you can donate even just $1 to the cause. I am a firm believer that every single dollar counts. Simply click below to donate and then leave a comment here or on Facebook letting me know you did! If you could please follow this blog, that will make it easier for me to contact you if you win!!

I will draw a door prize winner tomorrow night! Let's get those dollars rolling in so we can kick some cancer butt!!


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