Friday, March 2, 2012

Gutter Ball

Last week both of the boys were off school for winter break (or what I like to call just another reason to be a teacher), and in an effort to make it a true winter "vacation" I tried to schedule some fun activities for them. They saw the Star Wars 3D movie with Kel on Tuesday while I was in Ithaca, we had multiple play dates (at one point I had 4 boys at my house), and we went bowling or what I will now call my downfall.

Now, let me say that I am in no way a "bowler." I am really, really bad. But since my crash, I have noticed I have taken bad to a whole new level because my shoulder really wants nothing to do with bowling. This is definitely not a tragedy since I was never in the running to become the next great professional bowler. Anyhoo, I decided that I would bowl one game with the boys and then they could bowl the rest with the other mom that came. I was about 3/4 of the way through a very dismal game, getting beat by both 8 year olds AND both 5 year olds (in my defense, they were using bumpers and I was not), and I went to let go of the ball and something went very, very wrong in my back.

It was a deep, sharp pain in the right side of my lower back. It was definitely not good. I finished up the game with a grand series of gutter balls and came in last with a score of 48!

On Friday I ran, which amazingly didn't bother my back at all, and I swam which only bothered my back when I turned - ouch! I probably should have gone to see my chiro on Friday, but with both boys it's really hard and I decided it could wait until Monday. Coach pulled all of my workouts for the weekend, which sucked, and Monday I hobbled into the chiro to find out that I had sprained my SI joint and it would be about a week until it was feeling better.

The good news is, while not 100% just yet, it is definitely feeling better. The bad news is that I have basically had 2 recovery weeks in a row and haven't been on my bike in over a week. Ugh.

Stupid bowling injury. The lamest injury ever. I will never bowl again.


  1. I have had lots of problems with my SI joint in the last several months. Sometimes it hurts me so badly to run that I'm just hobbled. But PT has helped a ton. I hope you feel better soon, Kelly.

  2. Sounds like you offered you boys a great programme during vacation!
    I'm terrible at bowling too, and always need those bumpers, or my bowling ball goes straight into the gutter.

  3. Sorry that you are hurt. The week before the double, I fell in the shower and really bruised my tailbone. It was AWFUL! I didn't write about it, but there were a LOT of tears. That is also a pretty lame injury. Tuns out, I was fine, and you will be too! You and your coach will work through it for sure!

    Considered jumping on the "reasons to be a teacher soapbox," but decided I was just jealous that they got a break that I don't get! Hope you enjoyed it! My spring break feels SO far away!

  4. I have had the bowling injury myself and it sucks. I was just trying to have fun with some friends and bam! Training was on the back burner. Sucked. I wish you the best and hope you heal quickly!

  5. not going to lie. i hate bowling. and, i could never understand why fellowship groups (such as intervarsity at college, or whatever) LOVE to go bowling. just because we are christians, doesn't mean that there aren't other "party free" environments.

  6. I have a touchy SI joint as well. One of the best exercises I was given for it was to sit on a stability ball and rotate your hips in a circle like you are a hula dancer. Circle right, circle left.

    Best if not done in the presence of any human being. It looks pornographic but it works,

  7. OH NO! That is such a bummer that you got hurt again! I hope it feels better soon!
    By the way..I am a terrible bowler too! :)

  8. How are you doing, a few days on?


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