Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Between yesterday and today I was able to get in 90 miles on the bike (my new frame....more to come on that) OUTSIDE! It felt so good to ride in the sunshine! It was super warm here this weekend and today I was riding in short sleeves and slathered in sunscreen!

Despite feeling so good to be outside, both of these rides were much slower than I expected. I am dealing with quite a bit:  new bike, new fit, new saddle, first outdoor ride of the year (which I am always a little nervous about), and first ride out since my crash in September. After I saw my average yesterday I was very upset at how slow it was.

I shot Sonja an email of despair, in my defense, something that I do not do very often. She reminded me that it's early days still, and I did have quite a bit on my plate for that first ride out. It's funny because I often get emails like this from my own athletes and know all the right things to say, but when I have to deal with it on a personal level it is much more difficult!

I left my despair languishing in my Training Peaks comment box and set out again today. I was still slow, but I was also hopeful and positive that I am doing the absolute right thing for my training and my body right now. I had a lot of thoughts flowing through my mind and what kept coming back over and over again is that I need to let go of my huge EGO and just accept my body where it is right now and trust that it will not betray me and come around. I'm sure I am not the only one who has to learn this lesson over and over again, right?

About the bike, I got my new frame last week (my old one was cracked in the crash.) I'm still settling in and testing a new saddle as well. I'll post some pics as soon as I have gotten to know him/her a little better. We are still just acquaintances...

One other thing I noticed on my ride today is that I am definitely still a bit jittery since my crash. I am much more cautious and probably rode out of aero much more than normal because it just felt safer to me, especially on busier roads. I'm glad the first is out of the way and now I can just settle in and start to love riding again.

Oh, wait...I never stopped loving it!!

Happy training!!


  1. First rides of the year freak me out, too. But they feel SO much better than trainer rides! Ah! Fresh air!

  2. Totally agree that it was a slow go yesterday, wish I had more time out there but other commitments in life I only got in a short ride, but it was beautiful! I as well am getting used to a new bike and I am sure that it has something to do with my speed. I was also very surprised at the number of cautious drivers out there yesterday. I almost came to a complete stop as a driver was going to make a right turn and he waited for me to pass him on the right! (I am always very cautious and nervous about that) I had 3 or 4 drivers wave me on until I was away from traffic. It was a very nice feeling. Wind in your face sun on your back. It's the beginning of a beautiful new season. What a way to welcome in Spring. :)

  3. "I left my despair languishing in my Training Peaks comment box" best place to put it!!! nice work! onwards!

  4. Great job on getting out there and enjoying the weather. The first outdoor rides always make me nervous as well. You can check it as done and just enjoy the beauty of getting to know your new bike!

  5. I haven't done my first ride of the year yet (outside ride). Just reading this post I realised a) how much I miss riding outside and b) just how much clipping in and out is gonna freak me out! Thanks for sharing and letting me know I am not gonna be alone when I do that ride!


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