Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year's Vision

The first day of anything is always momentous to me.  The first day of the year always brings a sense of starting anew. I know some people turn their nose up to resolutions and the like, but to me there is just something so fresh and clean about the first day. Just like I used to wear new clothes on the first day of school, it is time to clothe myself in new goals and vision for the coming year. The year is full of promise and I will embrace it.

I tend to be a goal-oriented person, and this year that is certainly not changing that. I still have several tangible goals that I will post about later this week, but this year my primary focus will be on my vision. Each day I am becoming the person that I most want to be. The person that God made me. Each day I am living my best life.

To support my vision for 2012, I created a vision board on Pinterest. (side note: if you are not on Pinterest, let me know and I can send you an invitation.) I have made vision boards before, but this is the first time I've made a digital one. I really love this because I was able to pin all different kinds of things on my board: videos, songs, motivation, inspiration, and affirmation. For almost every post I wrote just a quick sentence in the present tense that supports my vision.  Here is a little peek, but you can click this link to take a look at my entire board.

2012 Vision Board

I wrote all of my statements in the present tense because I believe that words are powerful. It is not about what I will do or what I want to do, but what I am doing, right now. This board is a powerful visual reminder of who I believe I can be.

Bring it on 2012!!


  1. i really need to try making a vision board...i think i could benefit

  2. Great job on the vision board! Good luck in 2012!

  3. That vision board is it!

  4. Awesome board! Could you shoot me an invite? I am thinking I could benefit from doing one as well!

  5. I loved the board. I also like your use of the present tense. Might be something I look into as I begin to journal to help me move forward. Thanks Kelly!

  6. The one that jumped out to me..."you can do anything but not everything" sad but true.

    I haven't gotten into pinterest but am curious about it!


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