Friday, January 13, 2012

The 2012 Plan

I am a planner. With all the stuff I keep on my plate on a daily basis, if I don't have a plan I am doomed. Usually my plan is more of a daily thing, but as a triathlete, it is nice to have an annual plan as well. My "plan" consists of my race schedule and then how everything will revolve around that.

Those of you who took a peek at my 2012 vision board certainly got a few hints as to what is in my plan for this year, but today I am officially announcing that I am all in for Rev3Tri Cedar Point FULL REV!!

September 9, 2012
2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run.

This is not a decision that I made quickly or lightly. I've been seriously thinking about it for a few years, but I always felt that I did not want to take a stab at it until Noah was in kindergarten. Last year I was able to support Kel as he tackled this distance and that was certainly inspiring and motivating. Two years ago when I brought up the idea of Kel racing a full before me, he told me he felt like I should do one first since I started in the sport first, which was very sweet. But it was great for me to support him in his training and see how it worked with our family before I took a stab at it.

So, 2012 is my year!! To guide me through my journey I have Sonja Wieck in my corner, which is also great! I always thought Coach Mary would see me to the finish line of my first 140.6, but when she had the wonderful opportunity to move over to QT2, I felt like that meant I should explore my options a bit. I've known Sonja since I met her in 2009 as a member of Team Trakkers and my thoughts were immediately drawn to her. She is a crazy good triathlete (although, I am firm believer that a good triathlete does not necessarily make a good coach), she is a mother and a wife, and she has an amazing work ethic. After a lot of emailing back and forth, we both decided that we were a good fit, and I started with her in November.

A lot of my training in November and December was recovering my fitness that I had lost since my accident in September. Everything is moving along nicely (albeit a bit slow - not that I am worried about that or anything!!), and January has brought lots of solid base volume, which I am loving. I think Sonja and I are really starting to "get" each other, which is so important in an athlete/coach relationship.

There are many more facets to my 2012 plan, and I will be revealing those throughout the rest of the month. Let's just say though, that Rev3 will again play a huge part in my season! I'm excited for the year and if you wonder why I'm not posting as much, it's probably because I'm training!!


  1. Wow huge news! All the best with training. 2012 is YOUR year!

  2. yay! happy to have you as part of the pony!

  3. Big news!! Good luck! You've totally got this!

  4. Just announcing something like this and saying it out loud is a major step! Can't wait to see how all your training comes together!

  5. wooohooo! I am looking forward to hearing how that race goes for you-its on my list!

  6. How exciting!! I am hoping to make it to CP (not to race but to help out with r3) and would love to cheer you on!!!

    GO PONY!!!

  7. niiiice. love hearing this, friend!! you're going to have a great year!

  8. What awesome news!!! Can't wait to follow your training!!

  9. Go girl!!!! That's great news!! Excited to follow your journey this year!!

  10. Whooo hooo!!! So excited for you!

  11. So awesome! The Cedar Point race is definitely on my "must do" list.


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