Monday, January 31, 2011

January in Numbers and a RoadID Giveaway

Can you believe it is the end of January already?  I saw that someone else had their monthly numbers up today, and I was stunned that it was time for that already!  I can't say I'm all that upset with the speed at which this month has flown by.  It means we are 31 days closer to spring!!!

Here are the numbers:

Swim: 8h 59m  27750 yards
Bike: 21h 55m 48s  121.4 miles all on trainer or in spin class
Run: 6h 10m 12s  37.43
TRX/Yoga: 6h 30m

Total: 43h 36m

And now for the giveaway.  I recently was able to connect with Scott from OutsidePR about doing some reviews and giveaways on My Life as a Trimommy.  So, in celebration of being 31 days closer to spring and looking forward to getting out on the road, I am giving away a RoadID.

I consider a RoadID as just basic equipment that everyone needs.  Just like you would never think of going for a ride without a helmet (hopefully) or going for a run without clothes on (I was going to put shoes, but then remembered there are quite a few people who run without shoes on a regular basis), you shouldn't be outside training without a RoadID.  For those of you who might not know what a RoadID is, it is basically a bracelet that has contact information in case you were in an accident and unable to speak for yourself.  Just two summers ago here in Syracuse, a woman on a bike was hit and was unidentified for several hours.  I can't even imagine the anguish her family must have felt when they found out.  I never want that to happen to my family.

My first RoadID was of the velcro variety, and I have gotten a lot of use out it as evidenced by its eu de training.  Since I started wearing it about three years ago or so, however, some of the important information like phone numbers has changed, so I figured it was time to get a new one.  This time around I opted for the Wrist ID Elite, which has a rubberized band and a watch-like clasp.  The RoadID website is super easy to navigate and design your personalized RoadID. (It also has a sexy picture of Craig Alexander, but that is neither here nor there.)  I input all of my info and a few days later I got this in the mail:

So, here's a little secret about me...I love little boxes.  I don't know what it is, but, while my husband has been chomping at the bit to throw this box out, you know, since it's what's inside that matters and not the box in of itself, I just want to keep this for something.  The practical side of me realizes that I can't keep everything, so instead of keeping it for myself, I will give it to Ryan, who has inherited my love for little boxes.

Anyway, on to the good stuff...what's inside.

Once I figured out how to size it, I popped this baby on.  I think I might need to make it just a touch smaller for my weirdly out of proportion to my body teeny-tiny wrist.  You can see most of the info I chose to include.  I decided I didn't really need to put my phone numbers out for the world to see.

One of the things I love about my RoadID is my little motto at the bottom.  This is the same motto I have on my old RoadID.  When I first put it on my old one, I don't think I really believed it yet.  I remember the moment during my first olympic distance triathlon that it became a realization to me.  Now it is just part of my psyche, but I like to remind myself as often as I can that, yes, I am an athlete.

I am giving away one RoadID of the winner's choice.  Here's what you need to do to enter:

Mandatory - Leave a comment for each entry.
1.  Be a follower/friend of My Life as a Trimommy - leave a comment.
2.  Visit the RoadID website, and design your RoadID.  Leave a comment telling me which style and color you would choose.

Bonus Entries - Leave a comment for each entry.
3.  Leave a comment telling me what motto or funny/inspirational/random phrase you would put on your RoadID.
4.  Like RoadID on Facebook or follow @RoadID on Twitter, and post or tweet about this giveaway.
5.  Follow me (@trimommyKelly) on Twitter.

I will choose a random winner on Monday, February 7!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sunday Report

Wow.  The days of leisurely Sundays are definitely over for a while.

One thing that I have known for a long time about myself is the more I have to do, the more I get done.  I know, that sounds like a no-brainer, but what I mean is that the busier I am, the more I can get done.  For some reason when I am not that busy, even the basic things don't get done as efficiently as when I am really crazed.  Because in order for things to run smoothly for me and my family, I am so much more organized.  Today I planned and shopped for meals for the whole week, right down to the lunches I will be taking to Ithaca.  All of the laundry is done except for the load of towels that is still drying in the dryer.  My children are bathed ( a miracle in of itself...we really like to conserve water at our house!)  The swim lesson bag for Tuesday is already packed.  My gym bag for Tuesday is halfway packed.  I have my outfits for Monday-Wednesday picked out (but not ironed, so they might change.)  My workouts are scheduled in my calendar for the week. I made two loaves of bread this morning for the boys lunches.  The babysitter for the half-day is all set.

And I still had time for some great training, a wonderful meal out with the family, a craft with Ryan, and some major snuggle time with Noah.

See what I mean!  Imagine what I could do if I was like this when I had more time.  I could write a book or something...hmmm?

Anyway, it was a great, but tiring week.  My job at Ithaca College is very rewarding, and I'm loving the opportunity to work with great new students.  Even the drive (1.5 hours each way) isn't terrible with great podcasts to keep me company.  (A few of my faves are Manic Mommies, Zen and the Art of Triathlon, and This American Life.)

This was a recovery week training-wise for me, and I was able to hit almost everything.  I did have to leave out a run on Tuesday since I basically worked from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., and my second TRX session of the week seemed to fall by the wayside.  I'm going to have to really work to keep those up, because I am really feeling the benefits of them.

Here are the numbers:

Swim:  1h 27m 4850 yds
Bike: 2h 35m 47s 36.51 mi on trainer
Run:  1h 10m 33s 7.50 mi
TRX:  30m

Total:  5h 43m 19s

Doesn't seem like much after the big numbers of half-ironman training, but Coach Mary did remind me this morning that my first big race this year is Rev3 Quassy Olympic, AND it was a recovery week.

I am really going to have to watch what I eat!  I won't have the luxury of many hours of training which lets me eat a hearty amount each day.  Clean food and not too much of it is the way I'm going to have to go to get to racing weight!!

Have a great week!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sleep is Good

Let me take a moment for a totally self-indulgent post.

I really should be posting one of the several awesome giveaways I have in store for you guys.  I should also be posting about all of the amazing new sponsors Team Trakkers has this year.  I have a great Wonderful You Wednesday post in my head about how important it is to surround yourself with good friends.  I've also been thinking about writing a post exploring my diet of late (super clean and feeling great!).  I could write a post about my new bike that is on its way...currently brainstorming bike names right now.  I could even write a post thanking all of you for just being you.

That is what I should be doing, but it's Friday night and it's past 9 p.m. (yes, I am still online...), my husband is asleep on the floor and my kids are all tucked in bed.

And for some reason I just feel like writing something about not much at all.

And now I will go to bed because what I really want to do is eat a huge bowl of cereal.

The end.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Just Ran

Well, here I am, coming up for air after 3 days of intense teaching and work in Ithaca.  This is going to be my every week from now until the end of the semester, and now that it's finally here, I am actually relieved.  Everything went smoothly, and it feels good to be getting into a schedule, even if it is a crazy one.

Coach Mary has me in a recovery week this week, which has been working out great. I was able to get in a beautiful early morning swim on Wednesday, which is something I rarely get to do, since Kel leaves for work before any of the rest of us are up, so I am usually on mommy duty during the weekday mornings.  I swam in the lane next to two Ithaca College swimmers, so it was nice to admire their strokes and flip turns as they flew by me.

All of the family plans went well too.  Kel said Wednesday morning was surprisingly relaxed.  I'm reluctant to reveal to him that I would like to know how he made that happen.  I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that Kel was up and ready before either of the boys were...hmmm...

And now it's already Thursday, and I am doing my other job of coaching, which hardly seems like a job. The day started out with me showing up for a meeting that was actually taking place across town. So I was 15 minutes late and my plans for the day were all mixed up.  Fortunately, the meeting was just at a different Y, so all of my training plans just had to change location instead of time.  No worries!!  I started out my Zone 1 recovery run on the treadmill and about halfway through realized my parking meter was about to expire.  So I hopped off the treadmill, threw on a long-sleeve shirt on top of my tank and running skirt and went outside to feed the machine some quarters.  Once I was out there, though, it felt so great to be outside I decided to finish my run outdoors.  So, in downtown Syracuse, in a running skirt and neon orange shoes, I weaved in and out of the business people headed to their lunch all bundled up in their coats and scarves looking at me like I was a crazy person, and enjoyed every last minute!  I definitely didn't stay in zone 1, but this was my 1st outdoor run since early December, and I just couldn't help myself. I didn't think about anything, I didn't notice any twinges or niggles - I just ran. Man, it felt GREAT!!

On another note, I have started to incorporate some dynamic warm-ups to my routine before running.  My Trakkers teammate, Laura, wrote a great post about these exercises, and I really have been feeling a difference when I take the few minutes to do them.

Now I'm finishing up a quick lunch/blog break and am headed back to the Y for a coaching session in the pool and a swim for myself.  Have a wonderful day!  I'll be catching up on my blog reading tonight, hopefully! I've been missing all of you!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Let the Craziness Begin

This is the last week before 15 weeks of craziness begins.  Of course, this week was pretty crazy too, just in a different kind of way.

Next week it's back to teaching at Ithaca College, except usually I just teach 1 or 2 days down there.  This semester I am covering for the full-time flute professor who is on sabbatical.  I will be teaching 3 full days, including one overnighter each week.  I've been a little bit stressed about how everything is going to work, and how I'm going to fit everything in.

In addition to my teaching responsibilities at Ithaca College, I will also be performing with the Ithaca Wind Quintet, and continuing performing with Dolce Flutes, my flute quartet.  In fact, Dolce Flutes has two upcoming concerts in the next month.  (You can like us on Facebook if you want updates.)

And of course, I am still coaching triathletes at my YMCA...oh, yeah, and trying to fit in my own training!

This is a big reason I decided to race the Rev3 Quassy Olympic instead of the half-iron distance in June.  Still, though, I am nervous about how it will all happen.  The interesting thing about this is that most of the triathletes I know and coach work full time and have families.  They seem to make it work.  I think I have been very spoiled with my line of work.  I can often get training done while I am "working" too. I guess I should think of this semester as a time to expand my understanding to triathletes that have what I would consider a "real job." (And let me just say to all of you mommies and daddies who stay home, your job is most definitely a "real job" in my book.  It takes so much energy and time in a very different way than working full time.  I want to give all of you props who do this!!)

I've already started to think of ways to manage my time a little bit better than I do now.  Here are some of them:

  • Get everything (gym bags, work bags, computer bags, flute bags, lunch bags...clearly I have too many bags) ready the night before...NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Plan a weekly menu and shop for that.  I go in phases with menu planning.  Lately, I've just been kind of winging it, but I have also had the luxury of being able to go to the grocery store a couple times a week to get whatever I have forgotten or didn't plan for.  I will not be able to make multiple trips anymore, so I must plan!
  • Schedule my training in my calendar.  I use Training Peaks for my training log, but I am usually fairly loose as to when during the day I get the workout done.  If I am not scheduling time (and that includes the time it takes to get to and from the gym, etc.) to get training done, it gets cut short. 
  • Stay on top of my nutrition.  I have noticed that when I eat junk it really affects me, not only physically, but also emotionally.  I can fall into a funk VERY easily if I am not eating the way I should.  This is going to play a huge part in my "training" during this busy time.
  • Remember to rest.  I am going to try to be very good about unplugging at 9 p.m. and going to bed.  I have a really bad habit of getting sucked into stuff online and then losing track of time and going to bed much later than I should.  I can't afford to be sleep-deprived.
I would love to hear what your strategies are for making sure your training gets done despite a crazy schedule.  I'll take any help I can get!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Sunday Report

Look at's Sunday, and I'm writing the Sunday report well after my unplugging time of 9 p.m., and I'm eating a big bowl of cereal as my dessert from the bar of chocolate I just finished.  Just call me Mrs. Rule Breaker.

Team Train-This had a great testing day at our Downtown Y in Syracuse today.  They have a multi-rider Computrainer system, so we were able to get 13 of us (who came from far and near in not great weather conditions) through a 10 mile all out bike test today.  We had such a fun time sweating it out, and then had a great lunch after.

Coach Mary is sifting through all of the data, so I will be interested to see what she has to say.  One thing I know, is that I do not work hard enough on the trainer.  That might have something to do with the fact that I am watching Dexter while I ride...hmmm...I might have to rethink my in-ride entertainment.

Anyway, I think I might be coming out of my emotional fog I was in earlier this week.  Thank you again for all your kind comments.  Training was great this week in terms of time spent...not so great in terms of execution.  My legs just weren't showing up on the bike until today, which is okay since the bike test was today.  My running is coming along nicely, but I still didn't make it outside.  My 30 minute run yesterday was supposed to be outside, but it was cold and sloppy and I was already dressed for inside after yoga, and the treadmill won out when I thought about the 15 minutes it would take to change and then the 30 minutes it would take to warm up after the run, so my 30 minute run would actually end up taking an hour and 15 minutes.

Here are the numbers:

Swim:  2h 21m 7300 yds
Bike:  5h 54m 25s on trainer
Run:  1h 50m 26s 11.12 mi
Yoga/TRX:  1h 50m

Total:  11h 55m 51s

In other news, tonight I convinced my best friend, Ellen, to do the Rev3Tri South Carolina in October!!  She will do the olympic on Saturday while I cheer myself hoarse for her, and then she will do the same for me on Sunday while I'm racing the half.  I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

And one more thing for all of you fans of the funny things my kids do.  Noah, my 4 year old, has recently discovered the joys of going commando.  I've had to start asking him if he has underwear on.  Yesterday he came into our room and Kel and I both asked him if he was wearing underwear.  He said yes, with a straight face.  I said, "Show me."  He did...and had no underwear on!  I think I might start calling him "The Lying Commando."

Seriously, look at this face.  How can you be mad at that?

Ellen told me I should just tell him his you-know-what will fall off if he doesn't wear underwear.  And now you know why she is my best friend.

Have a great week!!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Thanks so much for your kind comments on my last post.  I guess it really hit a chord with many of you, and just writing it has made me feel so much better. I still find it so amazing that there is the world of so many people I've never "met" (and some that I am blessed to know personally) that can support and lift us up when we are feeling down.  I am thankful for all of you and hope that the blessings you pour on me will come right back to you!

Speaking of blog friends, I just noticed today that I am almost to 200 followers!  Wow!  When I started writing this blog a little over two years ago, I never thought it would open so many doors for me.  It's funny how some of the best things in life are the unexpected ones.

And now on to a little bit of this and that.

  • On Tuesday, Kel and I had a real, honest-to-goodness, date night, with a babysitter and everything!  For Christmas I got Kel (and myself) tickets to see Hood To Coast.  Setting aside the fact that it was a Tuesday, it was a great night.  We had a wonderful meal together and then thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  It was funny, it was emotional, it was interesting, it was well-made and edited, and I highly recommend it.  I also highly recommend date nights for all of you parents out there.  It's amazing what a grown-up evening can do for your psyche.
  • I've been doing a lot of work on the trainer this week.  Well, I'm not sure if you can call it work.  I've been having some tough sessions.  I would say 3 out of the last 5 sessions have been really hard for me.  I'm having a tough time getting into my prescribed zones and then staying there without my legs feeling like they just want to leave the party.  Team Train-This is having a testing day on Sunday, so hopefully my legs decide to show up them.  I'm also interested to see if my HR zones might be shifting a bit.  I am getting a bit older...or I'm just making excuses.
  • Swimming, on the other hand, has been feeling great.  Today I had an optional 30 minute swim.  It was just two 800s with 30 seconds rest.  I swam them both in my steady pace zone, not too easy, not too hard, and they both came in just a few seconds over 14 minutes.  All of a sudden, what used to be my all out pace is now my steady pace.  Gotta love that.
  • Running has been okay.  I've been doing my little short runs, all on the treadmill.  I'm hoping tomorrow I can get my 30 minutes outside.  My feet are not bad, but not good, and now my knee has been a little stiff in the morning.  Hoping it's just an age thing. (How many times can I possibly talk about how old I'm feeling in this post?)
  • I registered today for Rev3 Quassy Olympic and South Carolina Half.  Have you registered yet??
  • Did you know that a Vitamix can practically whip skim milk?  I've been making my own lattes at home.  I just heat up the milk in the microwave for a minute, then throw it in the Vitamix (which my good friend, M., has lent me in exchange for payments in homemade almond butter) for about 30 seconds.  The foam is incredible.  Starbucks might start missing me...maybe.
  • I made a recovery shake the other day with frozen raspberries, almond milk and cappuccino Ultragen. OMG.  My next move is to throw some raw spinach in there to see if it is still amazing.  I'll let you know.
  • I have not been able to print wirelessly from my laptop since we got a new desktop computer about 6 months ago.  I've been just converting things to Google docs and then printing them from the desktop.  I've tried to figure this out to no avail.  I've asked Kel, who is much more computer savvy than me to do it for me, and he says he can't figure it out.  Since I got some new software from the Y on my computer, I haven't even been able to use my Google docs trick and have been frustrated.  Last night I spent half an hour trying to figure it out.  When Kel came home from yoga, I practically begged him to come up with some sort of solution because I really need to be able to print from my laptop.  After a lengthy discussion about how he can't figure it out, blah, blah, blah, he says, "I don't know why you just don't plug the printer into your computer?"  My eyes grew wide as I said, "Why have you never suggested that before?"  He laughed and said, "You mean you really hadn't thought of that?"  No.  I hadn't thought of that.
  • And, lastly, I'll leave you with a picture from our Happy Friday sledding adventure today.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wonderful You Wednesday: Be Real

I'm not really sure where to begin with this, so I'm just going to go.

I was very inspired by one of my Trakkers teammates, Mike, the other day when he spoke of being real and transparent on his blog.  I generally consider myself to be very transparent.  What you see is what you get with me.

Until lately.

I've been feeling kind of down and just generally not myself.  Mike put up a very raw post that got me to thinking that I haven't been totally transparent here and elsewhere because I didn't want people to think something was wrong.  I didn't want people to think they had to ask me what was wrong or comfort me.  I'm not sure why I felt that way, but I have found myself struggling to write posts lately because the things I really need to write weren't uplifting or funny or inspiring or interesting.

The fact of the matter is that there is no rule that says we must be happy all the time.  Sometimes life is hard and throws you a whammy here and there.  And I feel like I have had them coming left and right lately.  It all started around Thanksgiving when I really let my feelings get hurt by someone in my family.  Without going into details, it was one of those situations that I had absolutely no control over, and I'm not sure if what happened was intentional, but I was very hurt (actually am still very hurt) and not feeling very holiday-like.

Not feeling very holiday-like was compounded by a lot of issues Ryan has been going through at school and home that culminated with me in the principal's office...several times.  Somehow I made it through 12 years of school without ever going to the principal's office...leave it to my child to make sure I end up there sooner or later.

And then New Year's rolls around, and I felt like I should be reflecting on what a wonderful year I had and what a great year 2011 is going to be, and instead of feeling like I had a wonderful year (which I did) I could only think about the last 6 weeks of it, which weren't so great.  Which made me feel ungrateful for the really wonderful life I have been given.

So, what does this have to do with Wonderful You Wednesday?  I realize this isn't a be-happy post I usually write, but I am really feeling like sometimes someone just needs to give us permission to feel overwhelmed.  Permission to feel sad.  Permission to feel hurt.

My mom called me today, in that way moms do, and asked me what was wrong.  She just knew even though I had not said anything to her.  And she listened without judgment and told me it was okay to feel this way sometimes.  She said it's okay to just let myself feel these things, because they are real, and I'm not doing myself any favors by pretending they aren't there.  It's okay for people to realize I am not always "myself." Thank God for my mom.  Sometimes, even when you are 36, you just need your mommy.

So today, I will say that I do not feel happy every second of my day.  I feel overwhelmed sometimes.  I feel hurt every now and then.  And acknowledging that helps me let it go, so I can find that joy I usually have in my heart again.  I can put all of that onto something much greater than I will ever be.  God did not call me to be perfect.  And that is okay.

And that is being real.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Sunday Report

I know it's not Sunday, but I'm pretending right now.

Last night (when it really was Sunday), just as I was about to start on the Sunday report, Noah came out of his room sobbing.  At first I thought it was a nightmare, but it actually turned out to be an earache.  Poor kid was beside himself.  I gave him some medicine and brought him downstairs to snuggle by the fire, and he ended up falling asleep in my lap.  It's been a really long time since that has happened, and I have to tell you it was just delicious.  That is something I'm going to put in the bank to pull out the day he starts driving or something like that.

So, needless to say, I didn't get the Sunday Report done on Sunday, so now I'm pretending it's Sunday so I can get the Sunday report done.  I guess I could just call it the Monday report today, but, for some very strange reason, I just don't feel okay with that.

I had a great training week in many respects last week.  It was my first week back to running since the beginning of December, and I ran 5 days. Coach Mary and I are experimenting with more days of running per week, but less time of running each day to see how that works with my creaky old self.  I have to admit that every single minute of my running this week was on a treadmill, mostly because I have a hard time justifying getting all suited up to run sub-freezing temps for a run that is 15 minutes.  Seriously, it would take me longer to get dressed than it would to run, and since my treadmill is two steps from my family room, I went that route.  I do miss running outside, though, and might try to get at least one run outdoors this week.

I also had my first long ride since Syracuse 70.3 (um, yeah, that was in September....I've been busy!).  A two hour trainer ride, 90 minutes zone 2 and 30 minutes zone 3.

It was not pretty.  Let's just leave it at that.

Here are the numbers:

Swim:  1h 30m 4550 yds (Do you think the pool missed me?)
Bike:  4h 58m 35s trainer/spin class
Run:  1h 48m 47s 10.73 mi
Yoga and TRX:  2h

Total:  10h 17m 22s

All in all a very good week.  I now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday.  Thank you.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Swim Test Day

Today was my 1st swim test in a while.  I've been swimming A LOT lately, and I knew the test was going to be this week.  Needless to say, I really wanted to swim faster than my last one.

The Swim Test workout goes like this:

800 easy to warm up
3 x 50 all out on 30" rest
400 yard time trial record time
100 yards easy
400 yard time trial
100 yards easy

The purpose of a swim test is to set your T-time, which is your 100 yard average time.  Once you have the T-time set, you can be more methodical in training and pacing.  With this particular test you take the average of the two 400 time trials and then go to the pace chart to see what the T-time is.  The last swim test yielded these results:

1st 400:  6:54
2nd 400:  7:00
T-time:  1:45

This morning I had a hard time figuring out what to eat for breakfast.  Does a swim test justify my race day breakfast?  I decided against it since I'm trying to eat in my top tier this week, which means no grains and went with my banana-egg white-almond butter pancakes.

My plan was to hop in the pool right after water aerobics ended at 10:00.  Usually there are 3 lanes open then.  Right before I left the house, I decided to take a look at the pool schedule which just got updated this week, and, lo and behold, NO LAP LANES AT 10:00!!!!  WHAT!!!

This was magnified by the fact that I had no other time to swim today because of various appointments and meetings.  I decided to go and stand there sadly in my swimsuit with the hopes that no pregnant ladies would come and the aqua jogging instructor would take pity on me and open a lane or two.

Which is exactly what happened.

Of course, during my warm-up the two old guys who always "swim" got in my lane.  I stopped and asked them if they could go in the shallow end, since they don't really swim they just float 25 yards and then talk at the end for 5 minutes before they float another 25 yards.  (I put it in a much nicer way though, which really didn't matter because apparently neither of them speak English.) I was really hoping for a lane to myself since I'm kind of a flip turn newbie, and I get nervous if there is someone at the end when I'm trying to do one.  Coach Mary and I had already decided that the I would do one 400 with flip turns and the other without, since my last test was done with no flip turns.

Fortunately, there was a very nice woman swimming in the other lane who was happy to share.  I told her what I was doing and apologized in advance for any flip turns gone awry.

And then it was time to begin.

My heart was pounding like I was about to start my first half-ironman or something.  I mean, really, it's just a test!!  Of course, I am a classic overachiever and would be devastated in high school if I didn't get an A+.  An A or an A- just doesn't cut it in my world.  (My mommy will tell you this is something about me she still hasn't figured out.)

Anyway, I finally took a deep breath, pushed start on my watch and was off.

It really hurt.

I didn't get all the flip turns because several times I was coming into the wall at the same time as my lane mate and freaked out. (Also, towards the end, I was thankful for another breath at the wall instead of that turn--but I will continue to blame my fears of flipping on my lane mate because that sounds much better...I think.)  I probably did half flips turns and half open turns.  I remember thinking on my 2nd or 3rd 50 that the pool was unreasonably warm - maybe I would swim faster in a colder pool.  I also wondered if the 20 people aqua-jogging in a circle in the deep end were creating an unfavorable current in the pool, but then I decided I have to swim in it both ways, so it evens out.  I was literally gasping for air every other stroke.  As I came into the last 50, I laid it all out.  I hit the wall with nothing left and looked at my watch...


YES!!!  All those drills paid off!!  All those hours and yards in the pool meant something.

100 easy never felt so good...until I remembered I had to do it all over again.

So I did.  It was still hard, but there was much less pressure.  I tried to pace myself a little bit better and the extra air at the wall certainly didn't hurt.  The time...


I am very pleased with the results.  My average is 6:44 - 16 seconds off my average from last time.  On the pace chart my 400 would have to e 6:40 to lower my T-time to 1:40.  Coach Mary will make the call on that one, but I know that today I got an A+.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My 2011 Word of the Year

I mentioned a few posts back that I was listening to the radio the other day, and one of the announcers suggested having a word of the year instead of making resolutions.  I was really inspired by that and have been thinking for well over a week what my word will be.  I like the idea of having an overarching principle, if you will, for the year instead of trying to keep often arbitrary resolutions and then feeling guilty about it when I don't.

So, in lieu of resolutions, my word for 2011 is going to be GIVE.

I'm not exactly why this is the word that just keeps coming back to me over and over.  This was the first word that came into my mind when I heard the suggestions on the radio, and even when I tried other words, none of them felt like the right one.  I am a very firm believer that God gives us creative seeds and ideas, and, while they don't really come in a loud booming God-like voice, when they come, even as a passing thought, I try to listen.

So what will give mean for me this year?  There are many, many definitions of give.  It can be in the form of material things, like giving someone a present.  You can give someone your time.  You can give them your heart and soul.  You can give the benefit of the doubt.  You can give understanding and compassion.  You can give a smile or a hug.  You can give something up.  You can give someone your ear.  You can give someone encouragement.  You can give back. There are so many possibilities when it comes to giving, and I am not going to limit myself to any one.

I also like the word giving, because it means you are in the act.  Always giving, always looking for ways to give, always thinking about giving.

There are some areas that will be harder than others for me, for sure.  But over and over, the thought of giving all of these things this year is what is resonating with me over any other word, and I've already started my year of giving.  While I'm not going to blog about my specific ways of giving, per se, because I feel that kind of defeats the purpose since it's not really about me at all, let me just say, in the few days I've tried to give first, I have really noticed a difference in my overall perspective.  I am just more joyful, and I love it!

Khalil Gibran

What are some ways you would like to give this year?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Sunday Report and December in Numbers

Ahhh...there is something so nice about the end of a vacation when everything will return back to the normal schedule.  What does this say about me, I wonder, that I actually look forward to getting back into the routine?

I finished up the 5th swim of the week today.  That is two weeks in a row of 5 swims per week!!  Yowsa, that's a lot of swimming. (I'm pretty sure I've had my fill of Mario Kart this week too, but that is another post entirely.) I have a swim test coming up on Wednesday, so I'm curious to see if I will have made any improvement in my 100 yard average time.  Coach Mary says not to worry if I don't see immediate results since it takes 4-6 weeks after change has been made to really see the results.  I guess my times will tell!

We took the boys to the pool today for a swim.  Well, actually, I went first and started my swim, then Kel came with the boys when I was about 3/4 of the way through.  He played with them, and then once I was finished we tag-teamed and he had his swim.  After about 30 minutes of playing with the boys, I was like one big raisin and cold to boot.  Then I realized that the boys can't come with me into the women's locker room. time, Kel will be coming first!!  Anyway, on the way home it was already dark and as we came into our neighborhood there were a few people out walking with reflective vests on.  Ryan says, "Look, Mommy.  There are the streetwalkers."  I'm pretty sure we don't have any streetwalkers in our neighborhood, but you never know I guess!

Here are the numbers for the week:

Swim:  4h 51m 13050 yds (that's over 7 miles, by the way)
Bike:  2h 25m 40s
Yoga and TRX:  2h

Total:  9h 16m 40s

And for December:

Swim:  20h 42m
Bike:  11h 6m 36s
Run:  1h 10m 12s
Yoga/TRX:  6h 20m

Total:  39h 18m 48s

I'm really proud of this month.  Even though I took a running hiatus, I feel like I made definite gains in my swim while still feeling like I was able to embrace my off-season.  (I might have embraced it a little too hard, or so my scale tells me!)

I've set some great nutrition goals for myself this month including logging my food every day, cutting out dairy, grains and sugar for at least two weeks (although I'd like to go for the month if I can), and filling up on fruits and veggies as much as possible!!  I'm pretty sure my body will thank me after the indulgence of December.

That's all for now.  I might even be asleep by 10:15 tonight!!  Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11 A Great Start and the Year Ahead

Happy New Year!!

We had a lovely day today.  I started the day off with teaching a trainer class at our new CNY Triathlon Club Winter Training Facility.  Today was the first official class!  Basically, we have rented a space at a local mall for the winner and furnished it with 50 fluid trainers, a sound system and two televisions.  There were about a dozen members who came out today at 8:30 a.m. for a New Year's ride.  It was really fun and very different from teaching spin.  I plan on teaching more of these trainer classes in the future for sure.

After the class was over I gave Kel a call, and we decided to meet at the local Resolution Run so he could get in a little run.  It was surprisingly warm outside, even for those of us that were just cheering.  This run is not really a race, but a run of undetermined length where you are supposed to predict your finish time.  Kel kept saying he was just going to run easy, but in the end, he finished in the top 20 or so finishers (just like I knew he would).

Kel with a Happy New Year fist pump at the beginning of the race.

 Ryan had no interest in the race, but he really wanted to go explore this old building.  I told him we were not allowed to go inside, and he says, "because there are human remains in there, right?"

Don't even ask me where this kid gets this stuff.

After the race there was a great lunch for racers and families...and herein lies the benefit of finishing early...we didn't have to wait in the very long line because there wasn't one yet when we got in there.  Definitely a great way to start the year.

I also had a nice long planning session with Coach Mary today for my 2011 race season.  If you click on the tab above you can check out my race schedule and goals for the year.  These are my big races, but I'm sure it will be peppered with a few shorter road races here and there.  It's taken me a lot longer than usual to nail down my endurance-related goals, and I think the main reason why is that this is the first season in a while I am not doing something new.  In2008 I did my first olympic distance tri, in 2009 I did my first half-ironman, and last year I did my first 50k as well as two very difficult half-ironmans.  I had already decided that I was going to stick with known distances in 2011, and I think the lack of that "new" thing made it tricky for me to nail everything down and really get excited about it.

Now that it is on paper, I feel great about it.  I'm returning to some races that I love to see how I measure up against past years, but I am also trying new races that I am really looking forward to.  After talking with Mary today, I am really getting excited for what this season will bring.  I'm back to running this coming week (yay!) although we are going to be trying something new which will mean more running days, but less running miles...should be interesting.

I hope everyone had a wonderful first day of the year!