Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dolce Flutes Holiday Sweets

Please excuse this short commercial break so I can do a little shameless self promotion!

This is the perfect CD to play while you are decorating for the holidays. It's also a wonderful stocking stuffer. Your kids will love it! It's definitely better than coal! I'm sure your husband will jump up and down and hug you with joy to find this little jewel under the tree.

Seriously...check out my picture...I'm not even wearing bike shorts...I'm for reals!

Featuring beautiful holiday music played by Dolce Flutes. 
Here is a little taste!

01 Angels We Have Heard On High

Make your holidays even sweeter with Dolce Flutes!

$10 plus S&H


  1. SO cool! My daughter is just starting to learn the flute (having trouble holding it). Congratulations on this.


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