Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Best Self

It's been a while since I have posted and there are a few reasons.

Number one is that I have been VERY busy.

Number two is that I can't think of much to write about.

That is not to say I haven't had a lot on my mind, but I'm just not sure if you guys would like to hear about it. My head and my heart have been in a bit of a dark place lately, and sometimes it's hard to write about anything else while at the same time you don't really want to write about that at all because then it is out there.

Can I get an amen on that? (I'm writing this on Sunday, so I can preach at you, right?)

I had an interesting conversation with a very good friend of mine this week.  We were talking about how, as people, we are constantly evolving and becoming our most authentic selves - well hopefully anyway.  There is so much that we carry from events that have happened in our lives and from expectations that we place on ourselves and expectations we think others have placed on us, and sometimes the way we want to be conflicts with the way we think we should be. And all of that might conflict with who we are at this very moment. That is a lot of conflict. I guess what is surprising about it all, is that very rarely in my life have I felt this, and now that I'm 37, you would think I'd have it figured out.

I do think that some people probably are content with just floating along and not really delving into the deepest part of themselves, but I'm pretty sure that is not how God intended us to be. So, I will continue to dig deep and acknowledge all the parts of me, even the parts that aren't so pretty, and work hard to be my best self.


  1. Yeah, I took a break from writing much on my blog too..for the same reason (head/heart in dark place)! Good to feel I am not alone on that sometimes.

    Yeah. I am 37 also. I don't plan on having anything figured out until I am at least 77 (the age I hope to Kona qualify) ha ha

  2. Absolutely, Kelly. It's hard and uncomfortable and ugly to keep digging and becoming more than we were before. But you're right; without that, we stagnate. And as far as having it all figured out...hahaha!! I'm not even shooting for age 77. I think if we can figure out forgiveness, that's really all that counts. Thanks for your writing.

  3. 100% agreed. I've been blogging, but a bit of my funk has shown up as well...its good to know there are other people going through something similar. Good for you for addressing it....keep it real and honest always :-)

  4. Amen. I needed a sermon today. Sometimes it is therapeutic to learn that you are not the only one suffering/self-actualizing.

    Must be the time of year. Hang in there Coach Kelly!

  5. Amen.
    You have a good head on your shoulders and a good heart inside and a strong faith. It'll all come together for you. Just remember that God never gives us more than we can handle. I hope you find some peace soon

  6. Kelly, There is a middle between the two. I guess there has to be compromise, which is sometimes hard to do. In the end, it will all work out. Sharing helps, it gives you different perspective which sometimes we can't see. Good luck...stay strong.

  7. I'm with you Kelly - I think it's a life long process to figure yourself out...

    Thinking about you and sending you a big hug. I'm here if you ever need to talk! :)

  8. I am in the same place right now. My blog has suffered as such but I just can't put pen to paper to write. I hope you feel better real soon!


  9. Yup. Right there with you. These seasons are important even if painful at times. God provides and is faithful always. The journey always makes us richer. Risk and vulnerability with ourselves is a tough place. Peace and blessings!

  10. I can surmise what is transpiring from somethings you've posted. There's always self-discovery and learning that things change and evolve over time, and that while we do 100% or more for certain things, not every one does and what one thinks is important is not what someone else things is important.

  11. Amen! Stay strong in your life journey.

  12. Agreed! I'm not a fan of people who are just content with mediocrity and the norm, especially when it comes to themselves. We're all capable of some pretty amazing stuff, it just takes a little work to dig it out of ourselves. Keep digging!


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