Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Moonlight Romp

Tonight was the perfect night for our annual moon walk. A warm night, a full moon, and two boys full of energy.

The obligatory spooky flashlight picture. 

Can you find them? It was a huge pile of leaves! 

Kel actually asked me if I thought this would make him taller. 

Playgrounds are way more fun in the dark! 

Climbing by the light of the moon. 


  1. How fun! If it wasn't so cold here at night now I would totally do that with my boys!

  2. Definitely a great moon tonight. Will have to remember this in the spring when the nights are warmer. We have done some star gazing a few nights on our deck with blankets and hot chocolate (during new moon).

  3. Very fun! I love the pictures of your family!

  4. this is a great idea! :) We used to take flashlight walks w/ the kids when we lived somewhere with sidewalks... can't walk anywhere from out house really.


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