Friday, October 28, 2011


It's been a rough week here in Trimommy-land.

On Tuesday I had a tough day at work.

On Wednesday I met with my attorney regarding the bike crash and what lies ahead.

On Thursday I found out that the tiny little scratch in the top tube of my beautiful Kestrel is actually a crack in the frame.

It's just to the right of the O. Darn it.
On top of all of that, I have not been sleeping well, I have a temporary crown that is killing me, I haven't been working out enough and I've been eating way too much!

Thank God it's Friday!

Despite the heaviness of the week there were some much needed bright moments.  We went pumpkin picking on Sunday, and then last night we had a wonderful time at Enchanted Beaver Lake. Beaver Lake is a local nature center and every year they carve hundreds of pumpkins and set them out along the trails.  It was FREEZING (think rain and wet snow), but we went anyway and had a great time.

Enchanted Beaver Lake

I'm pretty sure they had more fun playing with the glow sticks than looking at the pumpkins.

Fortunately, at no point during the evening did I want to eat my young. ;)
They really do love each other...some of the time, anyway.

Corny Coverts

The sentry of the corn maze.

Sometimes you just don't feel like smiling,

but then you realize how blessed you really are. 


  1. I am so sorry about your crash and your bike! I remember being devastated when I found a crack in my frame about the same place as yours:( But, it is just a bike and you are healing up nicely....enjoy the offseason and the next pumpkin spice latte is on me:)!!

  2. Better a crack in the bike than a crack on you!! Bikes can be replaced.
    Looks like a beautiful time with the family, the pumpkins are so pretty! well excecpt that carnivorous

  3. I am so sorry that your week was not the best. I hope that it gets better this week.

    I love the idea behind the pumpkin trail. What a cool and neat lookin' thing to do!

  4. Boo - the crack stinks and sounds like between work and the attorney, you need a hug!

    Cute family pictures - those boys of yours are darling!

  5. The children are growing so fast!! Great pictures. Robert and Sherry have 17" of snow, no power, broken generator (Robert had to drive to Albany this am to get new generator and drove around downed trees and wires to get there). Conn. is a disaster right now...we must count our blessings that "everyone, including you Miss Kelly" are okay. We can fix the little long as everyone we love are okay!!!!

  6. BOO on teh crack! I love the pictures of your family though! They are adorable and certainly a reason to be thankful!


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