Monday, October 31, 2011

A Letter from my Helmet

Dear Kelly,

Hello there! This is your helmet. I don't have a name like your beautiful bike. For some reason you never took the time to give me one. Despite that though, you did take the time to put me on every time you went out for a ride.  You even told your blog readers what a great helmet I was in this post here.  I just wanted to let you know what an honor it has been protecting your head all those miles.  I know that most days you didn't even think twice about me.  Don't worry - I'm used to that.  I'm not really in it for the glory. In fact, it would be my pleasure to never have to actually protect your head from anything!

I just wanted to say, I'm so thankful I was there on that day to come between your head and the road.  Really, it was a suicide mission for me.  One crash is all it takes to take a helmet like me out of commission forever.  One crash without me though, is all it takes to take you out of commission forever.  I am not just an accessory to match your bike. I am not just something to make you look cool or to cover up your bed head. I am essential to your life. I am honored to keep you safe. Please honor my successor even more than you have honored me. 

Your helmet

Better a cracked helmet than a cracked head.

After my accident I emailed Rudy Project, USA and thanked them for making such good helmets.  The president of the company immediately emailed me back with caring concern and thankfulness that I was okay. He also sent me a new helmet AND new sunglasses, even though I wasn't wearing Rudy Project sunglasses when I crashed.  

I cannot say enough about a company like this.  This goes well beyond good customer service. If I ever have the great opportunity to meet Paul, I will give him a huge Trimommy hug. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! If you are on the market for sunglasses or a helmet, this is the place to go. Right now at, if you buy a pair of sunglasses you can get a helmet for free!  Look cool, protect your noggin - it's a win-win!

Do you wear a helmet? All the time? Give your helmet the honor it deserves for doing a job it hopefully never has to do.


  1. Yes. Every time I ride. No questions asked.

    PS- Glad you were wearing yours too!

  2. How nice of them!!! I always always always wear my helmet!!!

  3. I get so frustrated when I see people riding without a helmet. I would never do that on my road bike but I have to admit to breaking the rule last week on vacation riding a beach crusier bike. I wished for my helmet just in case because you just never know what will happen. I was very cautious even though I was only riding 1 mile away.

  4. every single time--always.
    So glad that RUDY was so sweet to you, that is awesome and speaks volumes about the company :)

    I am so glad that your helmet protected your noggin :)

  5. I love the letter from your helmet! I do wear my helmet on every ride. I have enough mental issues I don't need anymore!

  6. So glad you got some love from Rudy! Always Always Always wear my helmet. and the kiddos too, even if they are only on a tricycle!!! and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure it fits properly, especially on the kiddos :D

  7. Never get on my bike without it!!! And when I crashed, it was so amazing how many people said "thank you for wearing your helmet". I don't think twice!

    Rudy is awesome - that is phenominal customer service! Kudos to them!!!

  8. Absolutely I do! I've had the same crack in mine from a crash. Awesome of RUDY Project for their response.

  9. Never get on the bike without one! I crashed a few years ago remember?!!! Im so glad you are ok and what a great company RUDY is!! wow!

  10. I can't even think about biking without my helmet. When I see people who do, I cringe!!

    That is SO COOL of RUDY to replace your helmet like that!

  11. My new Rudy helmet is on its way. It looks like your pretty white and blue one in the picture.
    Glad that helmet did its job for you.

  12. says a lot about the company, glad they did that for you.

    Scary accident and thankfully all was ok, except for the helmet.

  13. A reminder of the power of a thank you note, and the importance of your helmet. Love it!

  14. I wear a helmet every time I ride.

    I internally sadly laugh when I see mom and dad pulling the kids in a carrier with the kids wearing helmets and mommy and daddy without. Really? Who do they think is going to be coherent enough to call 911 if they wreck?

    Love the TY note from your helmet.

  15. Thank God for helmets. Steve crashed skiing and had to replace his - thank God he was wearing it. Joey crashed on his bike a fews years back and smashed his helmet - again thank God he was wearing it. Thank God you were wearing your Kelly. It's easy to replace a helmet...


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