Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Escape: A Race Report among other things

Yesterday I escaped from this...

I did the Escape from the Judge 1 mile swim in Skaneatelas Lake yesterday and it was great!  It is a race I've wanted to do for a few years, but I have always raced the Skinnyman Tri on the day before, so never did it.  Well, yesterday morning turned out to be a beautiful morning for my first escape.

I boarded "the Judge" with about 150 other swimmers (the other 150 had to take buses to the dock) and was taken a mile out into the lake, then we jumped out, swam to the start line and waited for the boat horn to signal go.

With 300 people in the water, it was actually the biggest swim start I have ever done.  It was a deep water start, so after we jumped off the boat and swam about 100 yards or so to the start, we were chatting and treading water, and then all of a sudden, the horn blew.  No warning or anything, and we were off!!  I had tentatively planned to try to draft off a couple of fast swimmers I knew, but I lost them in the rush of the start, so I was on my own.

The swim was a straight shot back to shore, which ended up being a little weird for me.  My sighting was good, but I never realized how much I rely on the turns during an out and back swim to help me get through the swim in the sense that I know how much I have left!  It was very interesting, too, to know I didn't have to hop out and do any more racing, with the exception of the short run to the finish line.  I would definitely like to do another swim race now that I have one under my belt.  It is definitely a different kind of beast.

I was gunning for around 30 minutes and crossed the timing mat in 31:11 (1:49/100 yard pace), so I was pretty happy about that. I ended up placing 7/16 in my age group, which is a really tough AG, 37/139 women, and 83/217 overall.

Of course there is no escaping the first day of school!! For me, I'm back to teaching full-on tomorrow, although this semester I will only be heading down to Ithaca once a week.  The boys head to school on Wednesday, and it will be Noah's first day of kindergarten.

Be quiet. I don't want to talk about it.

Of course, we will be escaping all this school business for a weekend at least, when we pack up and head to Ohio on Friday for Rev3Tri Cedar Point!!!!!!!!!!!

Kel is racing the full, his first, on Sunday, and I will be there as mommy, wife, daughter-in-law, Trakkers teammate, and spectator extraordinare.  I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself to perform, but I will only be cheering for my husband's first 140.6 once, and I want to get it right!  I'm super excited to watch him and a load of my Trakkers teammies, as well as some of my Train-This teammates race.

I will also be scouting out this race, because it might very well come into play in my 2012 season...

I hope you were able to escape from something this weekend too!!  Happy training!

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  1. I was *trying* to escape from my couch this weekend. stupd taper!!!


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