Monday, August 29, 2011


Just a sample of some of the thoughts that went through my head today...they may or may not have been spoken out loud:

  • Yay! A new computer.
  • Ugh...a new computer.
  • Lord Jesus God please give me patience.
  • I am going to kill them.
  • They are going to kill me some day.
  • Thank God the house didn't catch on fire.
  • Thank God for such an amazing sky after rain all day yesterday.
  • This is the best apple I've ever tasted and I picked it myself.
  • I can't believe he actually left me a note saying what time he would be's like a little miracle!
  • Ouch, OUCH! Can this really be good for me?
  • Chocolate...chocolate will make this better.
  • Time out, just take a time out for yourself.
  • How is it possible to have so much dirty laundry?
  • Wow, these wet bike shorts smell really bad.
  • I hate those stupid socks.
  • What did I forget, I'm sure I forgot something, what is it, what is it....
  • Do we have any wine in the house?  Surely that is something I should keep in the house.
  • Maybe I could go to Kona someday...
  • Ahhh..bedtime.
  • How is it possible for any person to be so cute?
  • peace and thankfulness, at least for a moment.


  1. LOVE the bullet posts as this is 100% how my misfit brain works :)

  2. Good to know, I along with Miz, have mutually decided we have misfit brains....Kelly you have witnessed this in my comments before too! What a fun blog post...I thought a couple of those over the weekend-the chocolate and wine ones especially! Hope you love your new computer!


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