Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Fall Mash-up

Do you watch Glee?  I do, and I love it, and refuse to make any apologies for it or any other shows I watch on television.

So there.

Anyway, if you watch Glee you know what a mash-up is, but if you don't you're just plain missing out I'll tell you that it is an unlikely combination of two songs into a medley of sorts.  On Glee it usually includes outstanding dancing and singing. My mash-up today had no singing, or dancing for that matter, but it was interesting for sure.

Today was my first day back to teaching at Ithaca College after the summer break.  The boys aren't in school for another week, so I had to scramble to find childcare for them.  It's always a tricky time because all of my best babysitters are back to college.  I was able to set up childcare for them at Noah's old daycare for the two days I have to work this week, which is so nice.

So, the day started off early with a scramble to get myself and my children, who are definitely not used to getting up and going that early, out of the door.  Back to school...welcome fall.  It was even chilly enough for a light jacket this morning...welcome fall.

But after a few hours, it was clear that summer wasn't just going to give up. No way was it going to take a back seat just yet...IT'S STILL AUGUST for goodness sake!  You can't just put summer in a corner, no sirreee!!  The temperature warmed up, the jacket came off, the blue sky and the white clouds said summer is here for a little longer, no matter what the school schedule says!

So I finished up my work and had the lovely opportunity to have my swim today in, wait for it....

an outdoor pool!!

Actually, this was a lovely coincidence brought about by very poor timing of pool closures at what it seems like every single Y in the Central New York area.  Why the two weeks before Labor Day is a good time to close all the pools around for maintenance is beyond me.  Clearly, the person in charge is not a triathlete!  My plan today was to swim at the Ithaca Y, but when I checked their schedule that pool was closed as well.  Luckily, the outdoor pool at Ithaca College is open until Labor Day and had two beautifully empty lap lanes surrounded by college kids soaking up the last sun of summer.  It was gorgeous!

While I was swimming my last lap, I had the thought that it was almost like my summer and fall collided right there at that very moment as the cool water washed over me and the sun made shadows out of every stroke.

A mash-up of summer and fall.  It was a hit.

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  1. I heart Glee! :) Glad you are still stretching summera bit longer!


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