Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Gratitude

A couple of Mondays ago was the beginning of the first full week of no school for Ryan, so I called it the first "official" day of summer.

It was terrible.

The boys were at each other all day.  I was grumpy.  They ended up spending lots of alone time up in their rooms, and despite that I still got nothing done and was in a bad mood when Kel got home.  I decided right then and there that I could absolutely not spend the summer like that.

I thought about what I would do to help myself enjoy the summer and everything it brings.  Here in upstate New York, summer is brief but beautiful, and I wanted to be sure to fully hold onto every good thing about it.  So I created a morning ritual I have named Summer Gratitude.

Each morning, I think of one thing I love about summer.  One thing that only happens in the summer time.  They are simple things, like waking up to a window full of green leaves with the sunlight streaming through, or enjoying a cold glass of iced coffee on my back deck.

I've been posting my daily thoughts of gratitude on Twitter and Facebook.  I'd love to hear what all of you are grateful for this summer too!  Join the conversation by following me on Twitter (@TrimommyKelly or follow #SummerGratitude) or become a fan of My Life as a Trimommy on Facebook.

One thing I'm positive of is that we can create more positive thoughts by being thankful for the small things!!


  1. Great point! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Love this idea because it helps us "live in the moment."


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