Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Winding Path

Since Kel and I both ride from home quite often but hardly ever at the same time, one of the things we like to talk about is our route of the day.  Actually, it's something I like to talk about - my husband is not a big talker. :)

The other day he was telling me about a particular route he had taken that I had never ridden before, so on Sunday I decided to give it a try.  Without going into details, let's just say I hated it!  I didn't even ride for as long as he did, and the whole way I was just thinking, "Why would he like this route?  It's so boring? It's just one long straight road with nothing cool to look at and no turns to remember or new roads to discover."  I just couldn't figure it out.

When I got home I told him my thoughts and he said, "I like it because it's straightforward.  I won't get lost. I know exactly how to get home, and I know exactly how long it is."

Our little conversation got me to thinking about why I like riding.  Part of the fun of cycling for me is going to new places, finding new sights to see and being alone.  Being alone?  Yes!  I love riding with a group, but I also love the solitude of riding on a country road for miles without seeing anyone, and knowing I got there without a car.  I like the moments when you see another cyclist heading in the opposite direction and you feel a distinct kinship when you nod and they nod back.  I love taking a new turn, knowing I'm headed in basically the right direction, but not quite knowing where I'll come out at the end of the road. I love going by cows and mooing at them (something I probably wouldn't do if I were in a group), and I almost always give a little click or two to any horses I might see.

Does the fact that Kel rides with a much different purpose than me make it any less fun for him?  Of course not!  We each choose our own rides and our own reasons.  On the rare occasion when we do get to ride together, I so enjoy the time with him and will ride the straight and narrow all day!  But when I'm on my own, I choose the winding path for sure!

Why do you love to ride?


  1. .....for the exact same reasons you stated. I like being alone and feeling my breath....looking around....letting my mind wander. Looking at homes in the country and imagining who lives there---cause I don't like living in the country just visiting. Finding hills and trying my best to get up them.....being free.

  2. You're going to love it even more on your fancy tri bike!!! :) So glad you love it!

  3. I hadn't thought about this before but one of my favorite things while riding is seeing animals along the way. I've been known to talk to them and say hi and get a kick out of seeing a group of cows run. The only animals I don't like while on my bike are loose dogs that try to chase me.

  4. I totally ride to explore. Love this. Also I talk to a lot of guys, and they ride more for reasons like Kel. Interesting right?

    I talk to the moose I see by the way. I tell them to stop getting in the road cause they are getting hit :(

  5. I love big looping rides, rarely doubling back on the same roads. I love covering vast territories in one route. Seeing all the sights and discovering every winding road I can find!

  6. I love downhills, when I am going so fast I feel like I could take off and fly. I love the freedom, and the chance to be unplugged from reality. I love riding down the same road I drive down and noticing things I would never have seen in my car.


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