Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rev3 Quassy ORev Race Report

Kel and I had a fantastic time in Quassy this past weekend.  We were both racing the Rev3Tri ORev olympic distance race on Saturday, so we left the boys with Grandma and Grandpa on Friday and headed to Connecticut.

We stopped briefly in Chittenango, NY where I was the guest speaker at a career day.  I started off with a little flute playing, and then talked some about triathlons.  I even included a lightning fast transition from my flute clothes to riding into the gym on Miss Artemis Blue!!  Unfortunately, the SD card on the camera got damaged somehow, and I don't have any pics from the trip at all!!

We connected with Mark (@tridadoffive) on the way down and happily indulged of a carb-loaded feast of pumpkin pancakes for lunch at a great little diner in the Berkshires.  Once we arrived in Quassy, we picked up our packets, said hi to all of our Trakkers teammates and Kel and I headed out for a little ride. After the ride, we got cleaned up as much as we could and went to dinner with the team, which is always so much fun.

One of my favorite things about racing any Rev3 event, but especially Quassy, is that after 3 years of racing here as a member of Team Trakkers I have developed some great relationships with my team and the Rev3 family.  The whole afternoon was full of hellos and hugs, and it just made me love triathlon and Rev3 even more.  Even the Team Trakkers pros recognized us little age-groupers and stopped for a quick chat!

Race morning came early, as usual.  I downed my breakfast and we headed to the race site.  Our bikes had been checked in the night before, and Rev3 gave us all cool race number tattoos (sorry, stupid SD card...), so it really minimized the amount of stuff I had to get done in transition before the race. I got into the water which really felt quite nice, especially since I had my super TYR Hurricane Cat 5 wetsuit on!  I swam to the first buoy, floated around a bit, and swam back in.

We got out, I gave Kel a quick kiss since he was in the first wave, and before I knew it my wave was being ushered into the chute.

I had a hard time settling into my swim.  I just couldn't seem to find my rhythm and I finally started to feel comfortable after I made the first turn about 1/3 of the way into the swim.  I'm pretty sure this is just because this was only my 2nd open water swim of the season, and my first was just on Thursday and much more relaxed.  I definitely need to work on my sighting skills, as it seems to throw off my rhythm just a bit when I look up.  All in all, though, the swim was good.

1500 meter swim:  28:58
T1:  2:25

I was in and out of T1 in a flash, it felt like, and onto Miss Artemis Blue.  The bike courses in Quassy for both the ORev and the HalfRev are notoriously hilly, and I was looking forward to using my newly practiced mental "hill skills" on the course.  Soon after I was on the bike, I shifted to the small front ring for a climb.  When I went to shift back to the big ring on a downhill, the most horrific sound of clanging and grinding came from my bike.  I looked down and couldn't really tell what was going on, but something was definitely not right. After about a mile of trying to shift to the big ring with no success, I stopped to see if I could do something about it.  My  front derailleur was rubbing on the big ring, so I tried to force it up a little bit.  That seemed to work, and I was quickly on my way.  I probably lost about 45 seconds or so.  However, as soon as I shifted back to the little ring, it wouldn't go back to the big ring again.  I ended up stopping two more times to try to fix it, with no success, so after the 3rd time I just decided to embrace the situation and leave it in the small ring.  If I had to stuck in the small ring, this super hilly course was a good one to do it on!

The interesting thing about this ride was instead of being annoyed that I was having mechanical issues, I totally enjoyed myself.  I wooted on the fast downhills while I thought about how much I was saving my legs for the run by not pedalling. I spun up the uphills with a cadence that would make Coach proud.  I cheered the people I passed and the people who passed me.  I made some jokes.  I enjoyed the scenery, which was absolutely beautiful. I pretty much nailed my nutrition.  I actually passed quite a few people, which is a pretty new feeling for me.  All in all, it was probably one of the most enjoyable bike rides I have ever been on!

25.6 mile Bike: 1:34:58 16.22 mph
T2:  1:41

In and out of transition again and onto the run.  I have to admit, I had been a little worried about how I would do on this hilly run since my run fitness is admittedly not where I would like for it to be.  The first mile, however, felt great.  I actually passed about 10 people during the first mile!!  I had no idea what my pace was because I chose to race without a watch.  I decided to take a little bit of coke at the first aid station, and it was a great decision.  If people passed me, I tried to latch onto them if I could and let them drag me along, even if it was just for a few yards.  The hills started coming, and I just put my head down and moved my feet. After the 2nd aid station, a man that had been walking decided to join me.  Dan and I continued together for the rest of the run!  I just love that.  At the top of a particularly grueling hill I saw a stopped car and someone jumped out and started cheering for me.  As I got closer I realized it was Team Trakkers Mama Bear herself, Carole Sharpless!!  I didn't think she was coming, so imagine my surprise to see her jumping up and down all for me!!  I gave her a huge sweaty hug before she reminded me that I was racing, so get going!  She popped up all along the rest of the course to cheer me on.  Thanks, MB!!

In the last 1/2 mile there is a brutal hill that Dan and I decided to walk about 25 yards of.  Once we hit the top, we were off to the finish!

6.2 mile Run:  59:58 (!!)
Total Time:  3:08:01

I was super pleased with my run time.  It was faster than I was anticipating, although slower than I would like to be.  This was only the 2nd olympic distance I have ever run, and by far the hardest, so I didn't set a PR.  My time was good enough for 3rd place Athena, though, and I got a beautiful glass plaque to commemorate the event.  (Sorry, stupid SD card...)  After looking at the results I realized I missed 2nd place Athena by about 2 minutes, so if I had had all my gears and no stops I probably could have gotten second.  But, the thing I am most proud of is that, despite my mechanical issues on the bike, I stayed in the mix, stayed positive and had a wonderful race!

Kel also had an amazing race with a 7-minute PR from last year!!  We hung out at the expo, took advantage of the Recovery Pump Lounge (twice!), and then headed to another team dinner which was even more fun!!

We stayed to watch the pros race the HalfRev on Sunday.  Here is a link to a great recap video of the pro race. I could go on and on about how much I loved this weekend.  I love my team, I love Rev3 events, and I love triathlon.  I know it's cheesy, but this race really brought it home to me that no matter how competitive (or not) I am, I love this sport.  My goal is always to have fun and cheer people on, and I nailed it!

Thanks to my great sponsors Team Trakkers, Rev3Tri, Recovery Pump,  KestrelFirst Endurance, TYR, Avia, and All3Sports.  I feel so blessed to be on such a great team with such wonderful people that I instantly connect with!  I feel blessed to be able to go out and race in the beautiful outdoors.  I feel blessed that I can push my body.  I am blessed.


  1. Awesome report, Kelly. You nailed this race on a lot of levels!

  2. great job racing and staying positive. i really want to do a rev 3 race !!

  3. Great job - sounds like a breakthrough race!!!

  4. Great report Kelly! Congrats again!

    So great to meet you both!

  5. sounds like a perfect weekend! congrats!

  6. Great job, I didn't realize that you had mechanical issues...and got through them...and podiumed! Was great to see you guys as well, thanks for cheering on Sunday. Can't wait for next year (already)!

  7. Great race report Kelly. I love your attitude! :)


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