Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chasing the Funk Away

In an effort to banish my bad-week blahs yesterday, instead of doing my long run with the girls from the Y like I have been doing, I decided to head out by myself to Beaver Lake for some good 'ole trail therapy.  (I have also been struggling with getting down about where my zone 2 run pace is these days, so I knew if I was running trails I wouldn't be so focused on that.)

It had rained Thursday night, so Friday morning was a little overcast and very humid.  I was just finishing my first loop on a path off the main trail, and all of a sudden I heard a scuffling sound and this weird animal cry.  I actually thought two animals were fighting or something, so I sort of slowed down to figure out what was going on.  All of a sudden this cat-like thing starts running toward me sort of parallel to the trail in the brush, all the while still making the weird animal cry.  I picked it up, of course I was on an uphill, because I started to feel concerned that the animal was charging me.  It ran past me in the brush, and then came out onto the trail after I had passed and stood up on its hind legs.  It was a raccoon, but it was really mangy and skinny and totally freaked me out.

I googled "scary rabid raccoon image" and this is almost exactly what the raccoon looked like, only MUCH scarier.


After that, every person I passed on the trail, which was like 4 total (not a busy morning at Beaver Lake), I asked them if they had seen it and warned them not to go down that trail.  I also saw about a billion (really) chipmunks and one lonely snake sunning itself on the boardwalk.  After the raccoon, the snake seemed like nothing.

Despite the unexpected company, it was 9 miles of bliss.  I thought, I vented, I zoned out and just ran, and I remembered why trail running is so great.  After I was done, I was dripping!!  I stopped into the main building to let them know I was chased by a VERY SCARY RACCOON.  I had even paid really close attention to where I was on the trail when it happened so I could describe in detail where it was.  The funniest thing was when the volunteer lady at the desk left and brought back a wad of paper towels for me because I was dripping all over the desk!

This morning I went out for an early ride and followed it up with another run, and I got chased AGAIN.  This time by a VERY SCARY GOOSE!

(Not the actual goose.)
In the goose's defense, it was protecting its young, but it still really scared me!  

Not sure what all this chasing was about, but the good news is it seems to have chased the funk away!  


  1. Glad none of the scary wildlife actually attacked you this week!

  2. HA! I love that the lady was more concerned about you dripping on her desk!


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