Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have my first triathlon of the season next weekend at Rev3Tri Quassy.  This is my 3rd year racing at Quassy, but my first year doing the Olympic race.  I'm excited, but also a little nervous.  My run is not where I would like it to be, but after getting adjusted big time at the chiropractor's office today, I'm feeling pretty good physically.  It will be great to swim in my new TYR Hurricane Cat 5 wetsuit, hop on Miss Artemis Blue, and see how fast my Avias will go on the run!!

Kel is racing the olympic too, and my in-laws are taking the boys for the weekend, so we will have the weekend to ourselves.  I'm really looking forward to it!

I also can't wait to meet up with all of my Trakkers teammates, and I'm going to lubing people up for the half on Sunday morning at the TriSlide tri-pit beach-side!  Woo-hoo!!
It's finally starting to feel like summer and triathlon season around here.  Today we had a hot and humid day, and I LOVED IT!!  One thing that kind of drives me crazy around these parts is the way people always complain about the weather.  We live in Syracuse, and, yes, it snows A LOT here.  But the minute the thermometer pops above 78 and it's a little bit humid, all I hear is about how hot and humid it is!!  Come on, people!  Enjoy it.  It's going to be snowing again in less than 4 months!!!

Besides the weather, it just felt like summer.  Ryan came home from school yesterday and we filled up the pool and played.  Our dinnertime is getting a bit later, and I can actually squeeze a training session in during the evening hours if I need to since it stays light for so long.  I just love this time of year!
I had a little hissy fit at the pool yesterday because I thought there was going to be a lap lane open and there wasn't.  Clearly my fault that I did not check the schedule, but then I was hoping the water aerobics instructors would kindly leave 1 lane in if there weren't that many people in the class.  No such luck.  I ended up writing a very long email last night to the aquatics director at my Y, which began with a humble apology for my outburst and ended with paragraphs full of suggestions for ways to create more lap swimming time.  Not sure if the humble apology will make up for the paragraphs of suggestions, but, hey, it's worth a shot!

On the up side, however, I went to masters swim last night since I wasn't able to get my swim done in the morning, and got my rear end kicked up one lane and down another!  It was just what I needed to light a fire in my belly when it comes to swimming.  I purposely got in one lane harder than I normally swim in, and paid a price!  Worth every penny (or I should say drop of sweat, because I was sweating after the workout was done!)
I have recently rediscovered the joy of drinking out of a straw.  Straws just make everything taste even better.  I'm going to have to buy a box at the store tomorrow.
I've been waking up pretty early each morning and then sort of lying in bed in that half-asleep, half-awake mode waiting for my alarm clock to go off.  I wonder what would happen if I just got up when I woke up?  I'll keep you posted. Ideas like this always seem good at 10:00 at night.
I know you are probably sick of hearing about the Circle of Moms Top 25 Heath and Fitness Blogs, but I would love to be a part of that circle!!  I'm not sure how my blog was nominated, but I thank whoever it was that thought My Life as a Trimommy deserved to be there.  If you think it does, please click below and vote.  I'm a little behind because I was away on vacation when all the voting started, but you can vote every day through June 1.  Thanks so much!!

Hope you enjoyed my randomness this evening!  Happy summer!!!


  1. I can't wait to see you in Quassy. I love my smoothies through a straw! (My husband won't ever drink out of a straw)

  2. WooHoo good luck this weekend! Wow warm in Syracuse today? Our high here in Chi-town was a whopping 46. Not complaining though cuz it can always be worse.
    Going to vote now.

  3. Good Luck next weekend and most importantly, HAVE FUN!! :)

  4. Exactly what Kristin said, good luck, but most of all have fun! You have all the proper gear to make it a heck of a day so just go out and enjoy it! Wish I were able to make it to catch up with some more people!

  5. I'm with you about Quassy. SUPER excited to race and see you and the rest of the team, but not too psyched about where my fitness is right now. We'll just have to give it our best and have fun out there.

  6. I share the same feeling whenever I wake up days before the event. I jump out of bed, stretch, and immediately put on my track suit and run. Nothing beats that feeling of training for the main event.


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