Saturday, April 16, 2011


*I have earned 29 stars in my nutrition reward program. That latte yesterday was soooo good!
*I had a little run-in with a bag of graham crackers last night. It wasn't pretty.
*I didn't get any points for that, in case you were wondering.
*I sitting in my car right now wishing the rain would stop before I have to go grade a recital.
*I don't think my wish will come true.
*Whenever I hear an interview with or about Chrissie Wellington I always have this little fantasy that whenever I do my first 140.6 I will discover that I am really, really good at it.
*I guess there is a reason they call them fantasies.
*Ryan has been super congested and wheezing, so I took him to the Dr. yesterday. She prescribed steroids, and on my way out said, "By the way, these will make him very hyper." Fantastic. Just what we need on a rainy weekend.
*Miss Artemis Blue (my new Kestrel) is all ready for her maiden voyage outside. I took her over to Geneva Bikes yesterday for a few tweaks. All I need now is some good weather and some free time.
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  1. Fantasies are good to have - they make things fun! :)Have fun on your bike's "maiden voyage!"

  2. Bummer about the rain! Hopefully the weather will clear up so you can take your new bike out for a ride! How exciting!!


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