Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank You...I think

Today while I was out running in the rain, I passed an old man who was out for a walk and he said, "You get an A for being hearty."  I said, "Thanks" with a smile and kept going.  I thought that I would have rather him given me an A for being skinny or fit or fast, but I'll take my compliments when I get them.

Then I started thinking about those compliments that people give you that are not really compliments.  It was funny to me while I was running, so I decided to share my list with you.

*You look so healthy!
*Wow! You got your hair cut!
*You are just glowing!
*How did you do in your little race?
*Your hair is getting so long!
*That outfit is something else!
*You're so lucky you don't have to worry about your weight.

In defense of the compliment givers, I'm sure their intentions were good...most of the time, anyway!

Feel free to add to the list!  Maybe I should save them for my best enemy!!


  1. Have you lost weight? (No...did I look fat yesterday?)

  2. "wow! you're so dedicated!" (aka: i think you are crazy, and i can't believe how much time you spend doing that.)

    "you eat so healthy!" (aka: you're such a food freak. i think you might have an eating disorder.)

  3. LOVE this post - and I love the other comments!

  4. "You look so healthy!" My grandma said that one to me after basic training and I immediately went on a diet. I just couldn't see it as a compliment but rather code for "You're fat!"

  5. You're such an interesting person....

    does that mean that im weird? different? over the top? nerdy? lol...

  6. What gets me the most is when someone says "You look skinny" Maybe it is the people who are saying it, but it has a negative ring to it. "You look good" is so much easier on the ears.

  7. Once in the pool an older man was admiring my swimming, and he said, "You must be very buoyant!"

  8. my personal favorite is "it's so nice that you are not so skinny, considering how much you workout." I do know that they mean it as a compliment, but it always sounds more like "damn, with as much as you workout, you should be really thin, I wonder why you aren't" ha ha and I get the "you look healthy" a lot. ha ha

  9. I always laugh at the "wow... you have lost weight, I can see it in your face". Uh... was my face fat? :)

  10. You're a lovely sturdy woman!!!!

  11. I get "compliments" all of the time. I no longer say thank you. I reply with a not so nice opposite of what they said to me. People need to realize what they say is not appropriate.
    And, FYI, you are dedicated, but that is a good thing. You rock Coach Kelly!

  12. Awesome list so far! People always tell me that I have nice teeth and or really white teeth. I'm not sure if it is a compliment, or if they can't come up with something better.


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