Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sunday Report

Happy Easter!  Today of all days I am thankful for a Savior who is risen indeed.

We had a lovely day of family today.  In addition to Easter, it was also Kel's 40th birthday today, and Ryan's 8th birthday was Friday.  We had a big celebration yesterday, with lots of cake...lots of cake.  There might have been some cake eating going on today too.  Cake with a side of malted milk eggs.


Anyhoo, it was an exciting week even without the cake.  Ryan was on spring break.  We had plans to get some errands done on Thursday, but reality struck (again) in the middle of the night with some pukey wake-up calls from Noah.  He seemed better in the morning with no incidents as we neared 11 a.m., so I, in all my motherly wisdom, decided we would get our errands done.  Everything was going swimmingly...until it wasn't anymore.  As I was cruising down the interstate to our destination, Noah screams out, "I'm going to be sick!"  I pull over as I desperately seek some sort of container, then realize the dress I was going to return was in a plastic shopping bag.  I get the dress out of the bag, throw the car into park as we swerve onto the shoulder, and get the bag back there just in the nick of time.

Then Ryan starts to gag.  Great.  A pity puke.

I give Ryan my best mommy look and say, "You are not allowed to throw-up.  Look the other way and breathe through your mouth."  While Noah continues with his business, I search for another vomit vessel.  I find a water bottle, tear off the cap and give it to Ryan, all the while comforting Noah and sternly reminding Ryan to look the other way.

"Oh, Noah.  I'm so sorry, Bubba. [RYAN! LOOK THE OTHER WAY!] It's going to be okay, honey. [BREATHE THROUGH YOUR MOUTH!!] Oh, Buddy.  I'm sorry. [DO NOT THROW UP!]"

Thankfully, Ryan was able to control his urges, and then I drove home with a bag full of puke in the front seat. I was afraid to tie the bag shut just in case another wave hit.

Fun times for sure.

Noah was fully recovered on Friday, and no one else seemed to pick up his little bug, so the partying (and the cake) went ahead as planned.

I was even able to get a bit of training in this week!  Here are the numbers:

Swim:  2h 5500 yds
Bike: 4h 42m 25s 61.79 mi
Run:  2h 38m 43s 15.78 mi

Total:  9h 21m 9s

...and a whole lot of cake.


  1. Poor guy... the whole incident in the car kind of made me smile though - I can totally picture you calming Noah and sternly telling Ryan to not throw up. Only a mom can do that! :)

    Great job this week. Yum... cake and malted milk balls - sound like a perfect Easter combo!

  2. yuck! puking is so gross! good save with the plastic bag.

  3. The term "vomit vessel" just made my morning!

  4. Ryan gets his weak stomach from Great Grand daddy Saunders. He's had many a "pity pukes", some you even caused him. LOL Kelly you should write a book :) Love, Mommy

  5. I'm glad you thought about the dress. You may have had a problem returning it.

  6. "pity puke" thats hilarious
    ..probably not at the time...


  7. ahhhh motherhood, it's so glamorous isn't it?! :)

  8. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but you got some good pity giggling from me while reading this!


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