Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Sunday Report

And now for the numbers:

Swim:  1h 55m 5300 yds
Bike:  6h 16m 1s 82.44 mi still on the trainer
Run:  1h 50m 10s 10.98 mi
Strength:  20m

Total:  10h 23m 10s

Despite the fairly good numbers and running miles FINALLY into double digits for the week, this was a lackluster week of just going through the motions.  I can only go up from here, that is for sure.

My nutrition really lacked last week, mostly from stress and funk.  I have decided to try a new strategy this month.  In keeping with a system that works really well for my boys, I have decided to implement a reward system for myself.  I have downloaded a counter app on my phone, and every time I make a good choice instead of a bad one I will give myself a star on the counter (i.e. today at the grocery store I didn't buy any chocolate - that would be good for one star.)  Here is how I will reward myself:

25 stars = 1 latte (I will not be getting lattes unless I have earned them.  I also realize that I probably shouldn't be rewarding myself with food or drinks, but I really love lattes and can't just cut them out, nor can I let myself keep having them whenever I want.)

100 stars = something special for myself like a pedicure, a massage, or something that I have been wanting

When I get to 100 I will start over again.   It works great for my 4 and 7 year olds - we'll see how it works for mommy!!

I also had a realization this week about the kind of athlete I am.  Most triathletes I know look forward to the hardcore kind of workouts - tempo, mile repeats, all out efforts.  Me - not so much.  I like the good old boring zone 2 workouts.  I do not like to suffer.  What does that say about me?  As a coach, I feel like I mostly have to hold people back from going too hard or doing too much.  I'm not sure what to think about myself.  It's not that I don't like going fast.  I certainly want to be fast.  I just don't want to hurt in order to be able to do it.  I need to learn how to embrace the hurt a little more if I am going to achieve certain goals I have for myself.

Do you like workouts that put you in the pain cave or would you rather go long and easy?

Have a wonderful week!  Happy training!


  1. Well as you probably already know about me...I'm a big baby-I like to enjoy what I do when I train...and that means, I think zone 2 is comfy for me. Just helps me enjoy what I do a bit more. I LOVE the star program! Lemme know how you do on it! If I could steal every great idea you have, I would....but you have far too many to steal every single one! Havve a great week!

  2. Hmmmm.. good ideas with the star system. I don't mind the food/drink as rewards. Interesting workout question. I like long, endurance with short short bursts. :)

  3. Cool idea w/ the stars!

    Most of the time I like "moderately hard" workouts. I really struggle with the "time to kick some butt" workouts (mentally mostly)...

  4. love the reward program - we do it with our kids - never thought of using it on Mommy!!!
    I agree, I am also a big wimp - and enjoy the mundane, easy workouts - but then complain when I don't PR a race...funny how that is. Guess I, too, must embrace some pain to make any gains! :P

  5. Have a great week of training!

  6. Do you know what that says about you? That you're perfect for distance races!

    I spent YEARS thinking I was a swimming sprinter; nine to be more accurate. I thought I'd bust out some awesome sprint times. What did I figure out after ending my swimming career? I should have been a distance swimmer; I can swim at a decent click FOREVER! Sure some variation training needs to be done, but those zone 2 runs, bikes, and swims are where it's at!

  7. I'm certainly with you when you say "I certainly want to be fast. I just don't want to hurt in order to be able to do it. I need to learn how to embrace the hurt a little more if I am going to achieve certain goals I have for myself." Why should I torture myself when I'm pretty content where I am? So next time Kevin has me do running sprints or you have me do them in the pool, I'll remember this post and tell you both I don't feel like doing them! ;)


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