Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Sunday Report

Wow!  The one nice thing about getting up early is that you can really get a lot accomplished before 1:30 in the afternoon!  We had our 1st Annual Tri at the Y Indoor Triathlon this morning, and my wake-up call was far earlier than I would have liked.  But I wasn't racing today, I was in charge.  I'm happy to say that, despite lower registration numbers than I would have liked, everyone had a great time and the tri went off without a hitch!  I'm sure I was beaming the entire time.  The positive energy that was flowing from everyone was palpable.  Even some of the gym goers that were coming in to workout while we were finishing up commented on how much fun it looked.  Hopefully, next year there will be even greater interest, and we'll be able to raise even more money for the Y-Partners campaign.  A big thank you to all the volunteers and our bike sponsor, Advantage Fitness out of Ithaca, that kindly donated use of Keiser M3 spin bikes for the event.

So here it is, just before 2 p.m., and I have already finished my long ride and worked all morning!  I'm not sure I like the benefits of getting up early enough, however, to make it an every day thing.  6:30 rolls around early enough as it is!

Training this week was great.  I was on spring break from Ithaca College, so I was able to hit every single workout.  I love it when that happens.  I had my "long" run yesterday.  It was supposed to be an hour, but I'm trying to really listen to my body as I build my distance back up from my time off.  I ran about 52 minutes and started feeling like my form was breaking down and my feet were starting to hurt, so I walked the last 8 minutes.  I was feeling a little discouraged because it's just so frustrating to feel like I am back at square one after building so much great fitness last year.  Coach Mary reassured me that I was being smart, and that after square one always comes square two.  So, I'm staying positive.

Here are the numbers for the week:

Swim:  1h 54m 5600 yds
Bike:  4h 30m 49.57 mi and one spin class
Run:  2h 1m 40s 11.72 mi (slowly but surely)
TRX/Yoga/Movement Prep:  1h 54m

Total:  10h 19m 41s

On another note, we also worked very hard on Ryan's science fair project yesterday.  The experiment has been done for a week or so, but we still had to put together the board.

Needless to say, guess who put in the bulk of the work, grumbling all the while.  (Hint:  It says that Daddy helped with the mention of Mommy's, I'm not bitter or anything...)  My beef is this:  what does the whole presentation thing actually teach my child?  I mean, I get how understanding the scientific process is good, but do we really need the whole board?  I hated doing this kind of stuff when I was in school, and look at me now...still hating doing this kind of stuff.  Also note, for those of you who would like to tell me just have Ryan do it - it's his project;  he did do the experiment (with Daddy's help), and he typed out all of the labels on the board, and helped with gluing. BUT at the science fair if your kid is the one with the board that actually looks like he did it himself, you feel like a bad parent.  Don't ask me how I know this.

So back to school tomorrow.  Halfway through this crazy semester, and I'm still alive.  I guess I'll come up for air in about 8 weeks!!

Happy training and have a great week.


  1. Oh good, my presentation looks like yours. I mean, LUKE's looks like Ryan's. : )

  2. Aww thats really cute! Nol and I have to work on his the next few days, it's due Wednesday. I wasn't gonna do it cause he is only in Kindergarten, but he had an idea and I told him we would do it only if he was willing to put in the work for it. He was still all for it, so better get to work!

  3. Nice job on the work this week! My dad's a scientist (as am I) so do I even need to mention all the guidance I got when doing science projects? LOL

  4. So glad that the tri went off without a hitch! Way to go!

    Great job last week with the workouts. And I loved the science fair project. What a great study for a little guy!

  5. I'm glad the tri went well!
    I think you did a good thing at listening to your body. It's when we don't listen that injuries happen, so good for you!

  6. I never liked the science fair projects either (and I went on to do six years of science in school!).

    The experiment itself is the whole point of the project - coming up with a question and a way of answering it. That's the whole point of any science project. The board is just learning how to present your work to an audience (something you work on through undergrad, post-grad, work, and on...).

    After six year of hard science I LOVE those kinds of projects, but they always sucked at the time.


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