Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Sunday Report

I always forget how much I love daylight savings time until 6:00 rolls around, and it's still daytime outside!!  Now all we need is some warm weather to melt all the snow...oh yeah, and no more snow!  It was flurrying a bit here today, and there is more in the forecast.  I guess I won't be getting Miss Artemis Blue out on the road any time soon!

Speaking of the new little beauty, I had a nice long ride with some tempo efforts on Miss A.B. this evening and a shorter zone 2 ride yesterday.  I was surprised at how sore I was today when I woke up.  I guess the new position and the smaller bike make me use muscles I haven't been using, and that is a very good thing!  I am hoping that will equate to more power which means faster riding outside!!

The Primal Experiment is moving along nicely.  I've been enjoying all of the food I've been eating and having very little cravings, although last night I was totally craving something sweet.  If there had been cookies in the house, it would not have been pretty.  I'm pretty sure that is Mark's fault for tempting me with the beautiful looking cookie on Friday in Geneva!!  I ended up snacking on some dried cherries and unsweetened chocolate, which seemed to do the trick.  Training while primal is also going well.  My ride tonight was fueled with First Endurance EFS Wild Berry Liquid Shot and followed up with an Ultragen smoothie for recovery.  I feel like since I have ditched the grains, there is no room for slacking off in the fueling department while I am training.

So here are the numbers.  Back to running this week felt great.  I've been utilizing every recovery modality I have available to me (I'm sitting in my Recovery Pump boots as I type), and it seems to be doing the trick.  I had a great session with my chiro last week, and she was really able to release a huge trigger point in my left calf.  I have also been foam rollering, advilling, and all around taking care of myself...good stuff.

Swim:  2h 5300 yds
Bike:  4h 15m 47s 59.19 mi (on the trainer)
Run:1h 44m 42s 10.23 mi
TRX:  30m

Total:  8h 30m 29s

I have to keep reminding myself that my first big race this year is not a half-iron, but an olympic, so it's okay that my volume is not way up there just yet.  All in good time.

I also want to add here that, really, all of this pales in comparison to the enormity of what happened this weekend in Japan.  I can't even begin to imagine the fear and sense of loss that must be going through the hearts and minds of everyone affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  It's times like these that we realize how small we are, but remember that even many small people can pray big prayers and come together to do big things.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. Too much to comment on. First, rollering and advilling? I will add them to my list of legitimate action verbs-too funny. Second, great job on not searching out a cookie! Third, sounds like you r enjoying Ms. A.B. YAY! Lastly, yes, big prayers-small people...especially when small people join together. Have a blessed week!

  2. The videos from Japan are just horrifying - makes all out little problems just pale in comparison.

  3. Great week-and a reminder (at the end of the post) about perspective.

  4. Nice that you're running! And the images from Japan make me want to cry.

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