Saturday, March 5, 2011

Primal Experiment: Day 5

Just a few quick thoughts on my week so far.

I've been doing really well.  With the exception of training food, I haven't had any sugar...oh wait, I did have a Larabar that had a few chocolate chips in it, but that was it.  The hardest part for me has been limiting dairy.  I just love cream in my coffee too much.  I did cut way back overall and had only one latte this week...ONE!!!

Ben asked me if I was having headaches, and I haven't.  The fact is, I wasn't eating too far away from Primal before this experiment, I have just basically cut out all cheating. Does that even make sense?  This just hasn't been a huge change in diet for me...more of a tweaking, I would say.

One thing to note...I have not been hungry this week, and have definitely been eating less overall.  The protein and fat really fill me up more than carbs for sure.  I have also not had any cravings beyond my latte cravings, but that is really a different kind of craving from a food craving.  I have felt a little sluggish, but I have also had an extremely stressful week with a lot of stuff going on at home with Ryan, so I can't even really totally blame the food.  It will be interesting to see how I feel next week compared to this week.

I will be weighing in on Tuesday, but I do know that I have already lost some weight.  Of course, getting down to 150 is never really that hard for me, it's getting below 150 that gets tricky!  I wasn't able to get my body fat measured this week, so I might just forgo that part of the experiment and get it done at the end of the month to see where I am.  Last year I got my body fat close to about 20% which is not bad, but I would love to be in the teens if I could.

I'll keep you posted!  Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. 1 latte!! :) I would miss the dairy too, I love babybell cheese. Cool that you don't notice hunger as much & are eating less.

  2. I have heard great things about paleo! Cool that you really haven't had the cravings. Keep up the great work!

  3. I'm impressed with the lack of headaches. I know some people who have done similar things and they constantly complained about headaches. Great bonus for you! haha

    Keep it up!


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