Thursday, March 31, 2011

Primal Experiment: Day 31

Today is the official end of my Primal Experiment, although I have a feeling it will continue indefinitely with  a few changes.  My official weigh-in this morning was 153.8, which is a total loss of just under 3 pounds.  Not a great result, but a loss none-the-less.  Let me add that I don't have too much to lose, which makes the pounds come off much slower, typically.  I also think that the last week did me in a little.  At one point before the crazy week, I was down to 151.8, which I like much better.

In terms of sticking with the eating plan, I did a pretty good job.  I would give myself an overall grade of a B.  I didn't eat a single grain the entire month, and found I didn't miss them and didn't crave them either.  My downfall was dairy.  I was a little loose with the dairy component of the plan, definitely consuming a few too many skim lattes.  The other place I had a little slip-up was in the chocolate department.  I didn't overdo it, I'm just letting you know I wasn't 100% clean.  Would I have lost more if I hadn't had these little treats?  Maybe, but I also think that allowing them enabled me to stay strong in all the other areas.

As far as training goes, I definitely think I would benefit from adding grains around my workouts, and this is the plan I will take for the coming month.  It is more in line with the Paleo for Athletes guidelines by Loren Cordain, as well as the "Core Diet" which is what my coach preaches (and practices with great success.) My goal is still to be mostly Primal however, because I really have enjoyed eating this way.  I like the food I have been eating, I feel full and satisfied, and, most importantly, I feel healthy.

Overall, this was a great experiment for me.  It really highlighted how certain foods trigger craving and "bingeing" (although I use that word very lightly).  I also feel like I have honed in on my true hunger a lot more this month, which I quite like.  If Primal/Paleo is something you have been curious about, I highly recommend taking a stab at it for a month.


  1. I'm glad it turned out to be a good experiment. It sounds like you learned a lot about your eating habits/nutrition which is awesome!

  2. I am glad it was a good experiment. It was worth trying out!!

  3. I love food experiments! I've been following your posts and I may very well give this one a try myself.

  4. Way to stick with it! I know I couldn't have done it! It's always fun to experiment. Interested though, how did you feel in your workouts that you think it'd been helpful to add whole grains around workout meals? I'm feeling a little flat on the MET plan myself and am wondering if I need to add some whole grains back into my diet.

  5. Again-I caved after 3 days of simply cutting out sugars. MEGA KUDOS to you-I mean MEGA MEGA!


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