Thursday, March 10, 2011

Primal Experiment Day 10 and a Farewell

It's Day 10 of my Primal Experiment, and things are moving quite nicely.  I weighed in on Day 1 at 156.4.  Today I weighed in at 153.2.  My energy has been so-so, but I have also been under quite a bit of stress so it's really hard to say if it's the diet or the stress or both.  I have not been hungry outside of mealtimes, and I have seemed to be able to judge much better when I am truly hungry or just wanting to eat something, which are two different things entirely.

In general, I haven't really been craving anything and haven't been overly tempted by anything.  I did wage a small battle with a thin mint the other day, but came out victorious.  Tonight, there were definitely some longing looks towards the chips at Moe's, but my salad with steak, grilled veggies, salsa, and guacamole was so good I won that battle as well.  I have definitely realized in just the ten days of doing this that grains and sugar most definitely cause me to have more cravings for grains and sugar.  And to think I used to start every day with a big bowl (or two!) of cereal.  I'm actually quite enjoying the food I've been eating, and have been browsing the web for Paleo/Primal recipe ideas.  I am always amazed at how creative people are in the kitchen!!

I do, however, desperately miss my lattes.  I've been having a decaf Americano with a splash of cream every now and then, but it is most definitely not the same!

And on to my farewell.  Today I rode my last ride on my trusty steed, Buttercup.  It was a great ride, in fact, probably the best in about a month.  I also had a great ride on her on Monday night.  While I am excited about my new ride, I can't help feeling the bittersweet emotions of saying goodbye to a loyal friend.

Buttercup, you will be missed!

Tomorrow, the new baby will come home to play...


  1. Just wait until you ride that Kestrel for the first time. Buttercup will be a mere distant memory! I've had the Kestrel for 3 days and it is like the Felt never even existed. That is how great the Kestrel rides!!

  2. Farewell sweet Buttercup! You're doing so great om your Paleo regimen!

  3. Great job sticking with the primal experiment. You are doing great!

    Are you selling Buttercup or will she still get to be ridden occasionally? I couldn't part with Flica so she's becoming my trainer bike! :) Sad how attached I get to inanimate objects.

  4. Where is Buttercup going? Not keeping it around as a backup?

  5. Are you geting rid of Buttercup because I may be interested?

    Congrats on your experienment. I am starting mine over next week. Wish me luck!

  6. Congrats on loosing weight!! What do you do with an old bike? I need a bike and I have no idea where I could even look for a used one.

  7. Way to win the battle vs. the powerful thin mint.... :) It sounds interesting, thanks for sharing this experiement.


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